All alone in the dark: Remake the classic before the announcement?

According to leaks, a true classic will be dragged out of the grave by the THQ Nordic show tonight. All signs indicate a remake of Alone in the Dark. Several years ago, there's been rumors about a remake of Alone in the Dark, from 1992, but now there's an announcement.

According to a leak, a true classic will be dug out of the grave in a series of upcoming events tonight. All signs suggest a remake of Alone in the Dark.

A few years ago, rumors were circulating about a remake of the classic Alone in the Dark, from 1992, and now it is approximatively imminent. The first screenshots and the box art of this game were shown in a Belgian store, and subsequently, the renowned insider confirmed this. The entry from the Belgian shops website has already been removed but not before the news has circulated.

According to AestheticGamer, there is no substitute for the name “Alone in the Dark” in the context of Resident Evil 2. It is under the motto of Southern Gothic to Lovecraft. The game is said to be a film written by the author of “Dark Descent” and Soma and Amnesia.

Just a little early, a thing I was making some more days ago, Alone in the Dark 1 is being made in RE:2. Be declared as an appropriate date later today. In the spirit of Southern Gothic, there is a lovecraft.

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So the inexplicably big city in the south of the United States in the year 1920, Emily Hartwoods uncle vanished. He is a private detective who was introduced to the area of Derceto, a mental prison. You’ll meet strange residents, nightmarish kingdoms and dangerous monsters. You’ll uncover an evil conspiracy.

The current assumption is that the official announcement will be made at the THQ North Sea, tonight at 9 p.m.