All alone in the dark THQ Nordic presents four new games

Gaming News In the Dark, YMCA (THQ Nordic) announced 4 new games. Published on 28/12/2022 at 2:00 GMT and released at 21:30 GMT. When Alone in the Dark in 1992 became a key to survival horror. The licence was provided.

All in one’s dark THQ Nordic unveils 4 new games.

Published on 08/12/2022, at 21:30.

Everything on the front side, the fox, the sun, and the lightning. There are four sets of performances in THQ Nordic Showcase.

Alone in the dark, quiet?

In 1992, Alone in the Dark became a mainstay of survival horror. The license acquired in 2018 by THQ Nordic hasn’t been updated yet. Detectives Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood are back in the Reimagining software developed by Pieces Interactive (Magicka 2, Titan Quest: Atlantis), which is owned by Embracer Group. A new story is the place of its characters and emblematic themes.

The Detective Robert Carnby has returned to the Derceto Mansion, a mental hospital for the rich and lucky houses of a mysteriously wealthy residents. Emily Hartwood hired this man to look for her missing uncle Jeremy Hartwood. The sexe comes from the bottom of a bunch of strange patients and portals of darkest worlds. As with the “Resident Evil” Act of 2018, the player may be able to represent two or two of these characters. The environment and the outlook won’t differ depending on the choices made. This game will highlight the gothic horror of the southern USA in an interactive experience that mixes exploration, combat, puzzles and story.

This game is in development since late 2019 and has been operating on Unreal Engine 4 and currently is in Alpha. This means that it’s in its very first playable version. The story is signed by Mikael Hedberg, author of SOMA and Amnesia. The composer Jason Kohnen is on the soundtrack with doom-jazz music. Guy Davis and the engineer of Guillermo del Toro, did the artwork. Finally, Pieces Interactive turned to MetricMinds and Gate 21, to produce the cutscenes and characters.

There is one day that the universe will be able to start the universe on the PC, the PS5 and the Xbox Series.

the place to sell is for sale.

location for sale, it is a new game by Mirage Game Studios, the Swedish studio that’s behind the Little Big Workshop. Here, you play a small astronaut with a very gorgeous appearance. This is a responsible traveler that knows a foreigner world and makes them livable. It is about opening up land for the wide range of clients with different tastes. Your energy and water supply, as well as your style are all a basic requirement. From mining to finding rare plants, you need to cater to your prospective tenants’ specific needs. The experience has been filled with lots of exploration. The game is sandbox-oriented and a single player can take advantage of the title.

There is no release date planned for this game on PC currently.


Three Fields Entertainment (Dangerous Driving) is a shackle of wildfires and puts down a 400-kilometer racing empire; that you can shape and destroy, can you? We have an open-world sandbox experience created for racing fans and has a user-friendly experience. During racing you can race down the tracks designed by you or your friends. From a camera view, you can place a whole bunch of structures, loops, obstacles, courses and events for which you define rules and then a guided tour is also on the program to achieve the best times.

No release date has yet been planned for this game for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and the Xbox One.

Rising Storm

Rising Storm is a title developed by Goat Ironworks in collaboration with 2B Games. This is a classic real-time strategy game. The player is needed to control his troops, build their battles and build the necessary structures to support them. In the trailer, we seen different environments between hot, snowy and hot jungles.

Tempest Rising is a ring-shaped arcade game inspired by the nitrico sand. Three factions in the united kingdom battle over a rare alien ore called Tempest. Explore epic historical campaigns or challenge your friends in multiplayer matches.

The date of release is 2023.

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