Amazon Prime would increase its price? We know that you may still enjoy the old tariff

News receipt plan Amazon Prime can increase its price? We know how to continue enjoying the old tariff. Published on 08/13/2022 at 10:10 A time when youre told Amazon Prime is going to cost you more, you're not lecturing you. We thought that the american e-commerce giant had a deadline that was about to reach September 15, 2022, but we had not seen that until the long term end of the year.

Prime the e-news receipt plan increases its price? We know that you’ll get to enjoy the old price while getting ready for your stay.

Published on Monday, Thursday, the 13th of the twentieth, at 10 p.m.

Usually, when you told Amazon Prime is going to cost you more, they aren’t lecturing you. And since the two e-commerce giants are due to expiry in 2022, we thought it would be wise to tell you, a little bit and tip you would like to keep the old plans to its original use.

Up to 42, fewer than 42% should continue using Amazon Prime.

Yes, the Amazon Prime is paying for the first time since its inception, and that means that the American juggernaut hasn’t sidestepped.

For 30 days use the free trial of Amazon Prime.

From September 15, 2022 the annual price of membership will jump from 94 to 69. And if you go for a monthly rate, you will pay 6.9 per month instead of 1.9%.

Although it may not seem like it is on paper, the rate, which is just above 42%, remains relatively the same as the current price. This increase also applies to old subscribers, as well as the renewal for existing subscribers starting September 15th.

The Amazon Prime Student subscription does not immune to this increase, as the monthly price of the subscription increased from two to three yen (available from 243 dollars to 44 yen).

If you don’t cancel your subscription, you’ll have to do that, that is why I do not like to offer an online product.

But we know how to delay this increase and continue to benefit from the old pricing.


  • This increase of more than 42,42% will continue to benefit from the Amazon Prime service.
  • Amazon Prime explained all the details in detail.
  • How can you continue to benefit from the old bill?
  • If youre not already subscriber to the Amazon Prime, don’t wait too long.

All Amazon Prime services explained in detail.

Amazon Prime is the name of the American e-commerce giants loyalty program. For a loyalty program, this is not only free delivery, but it’s not a lot less expensive.

In summary, Amazon Prime is:

  • There are no restrictions on priority to delivery anywhere in France, but also in Belgium.
  • Order your Monoprix on the same day; they are free of charge, unless otherwise requested.
  • Get unlimited access to the Prime video catalog to every platform you need;
  • Free access to the free Amazon Music Prime with its 2 million tracks on all your devices.
  • Reading a free download of books on Prime.
  • Free Games have the ability to collect bonuses on these games and the different games;
  • One month of free access to the Twitch channel of your choice.

This multitude of services are offered in Prime, so it is not surprising that the latter has increased its price.

It is actually quite surprising that Amazon, which has only recently added the new range of services from year to year, has been waiting long for this to happen.

The trick is to simply cancel your current subscription. As far as we can tell, Amazon will refund you up to 60 percent of the purchase price.

If you do not keep your current subscription from taking out or renewing, be careful.

If your subscription has been working for a while, it will not appear on the screen with the refund option, so the manipulation is difficult.

If you see the refund option, accept it and resubscribe for the $49.99 subscription now.

If you aren’t a subscriber of Amazon Prime, don’t wait too long.

The new plan of Amazons will take effect on September 15, so you still have some time to take advantage of the old plan if you are not already subscriber. The new tariff comes from September 1522 to 2022.

When you have the option to enjoy Amazon Prime for one month for free, then you must take advantage of free trial and take advantage of the new price list.

  • Make your account with Amazon.
  • Activate your free trial until August 14th.
  • Get an unlimited order of four,99 USD.
  • Your subscription is free for only one year.
  • You can use the Amazon Prime trial for three hundred and thirty days.

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