AMD’s 4th-Gen EPYC Processors will launch along with Ryzen 7000?

As far as we know, with recent rumours, AMD will officially announce the launch of its new Ryzen 7000 desktop processors on August 29th, with a due date for September 15th. It's certainly not officially confirmed now. With a number of distinct sources (and even MSI to a few []] [] there were multiple [] sources of communication and communication.

As far as we know, announcing the launch of its new Ryzen 7000 computer processors on August 29th, the release date is set for September 15th. Now it’s not officially confirmed. Of many different sources (and sometimes MSI!) all supposedly singing off the same hymn sheet, but is it certainly not accurate.

There is no real rumour, it’s a small issue for their Radeon 7000 graphics cards but they’re expected to be released in the next three months. One thing not expected is the new B7, the new B9 is a new generation of EVs. Following the news of the leak by @yuuki_ans, an image appeared on the Internet which seems to suggest their release may go hand in hand with that of Ryzen 7000.

AMD’s advanced MPH processors are produced from a different generation.

Now, of course, take that with a spoon of salt. Since there’s more and more EPYC processors for servers, generic consumers are unlikely to feel too excited about this. With the HD-ROM 960, so pictured below, it’s being suggested that this will be a behemoth of a CPU with the 96-cores/192-thread design, with it going to be 360W.

Is this leak legitimate though? Well, a closer look seems to show the chipset in a tray indicating that this is only one of several new EPYC chips on its way to the desired destination. In other words, if they’re being shipped out, an official release can certainly not be too far away!

-YuuKi_AnS (@yuuki_ans) August 12, 2022.

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There are more than one rumour suggesting that even more powerful models than the one depicted here could be in development by AMD. I believe that, like the Ryzen 7000, the release is due and the cost of each project is up until the end of this month.

Yes, in the beginning, there was anticipated that 4th-gen EPYC will arrive before the end of the year. Is Ryzen going to release yet? That’s news to many people!

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