Bungie knocks shit at the wall, court has told

photo: Bungie/Kotaku Bungie filed a lawsuit against the accused last year destiny 2 Cheat maker AimJunkies claims copyright infringement. Then a judge dismissed the majority of that case, forcing Bungie to take back his claims. Now AimJunkies says he wrongly claims in a press release that the former gloriole is lying in his claim [...]

The picture is Bungie/Kotaku.

Bungie filed a lawsuit against the accused last year destiny 2 Cheat maker AimJunkies claims copyright infringement. Then, this year, the judge dismissed that most case, allowing Bungie to refile its suit. Now AimJunkies hits back, claiming in a press release the ex-gloriole dev is wrong in its claim that AimJunkies software caused any damage. The company also proposes that Bungie throw a shit at the wall in order to see what sticks sticks.

TorrentFreakAimJunkies said the incident once again occurred on Bungie’s doorstep thanks to press release. After previously winning in court against the studio due to its determination, the judge has already won the case. That victory comes in April of this year, when a federal judge dismissed most of the Bungies lawsuit against the cheater, scolding its original claims with AimJunkies, and recommended that the two parties use arbitration for most of the claims he made in the lawsuit. Those are the terms of Bungie’s own license agreement and the fact that the two parties voted the majority of the claim being dismissed by the cheat maker. The tribunal gave Bungie the opportunity to refile its case. That’s exactly what it did in May.

Earlier this week, in the release TorrentFreak Obtained from AimJunkies as well as court documents, the cheat maker confirmed it’s working to file a subpoena against Valve, PayPal and Bungie to retest Bungies claims the cheat software caused its destiny two Heavy Damage. AimJunkies says that in fact during the time which its cheat software was available, destiny reportedly had some of its most popular months based on sales and player counts.

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In a strange and aggressive press release, AimJunkies claims that people shouldn’t believe 90% of whats in Bungies court filings, adding that Bungie and their attorneys look to be more [shit] Throwing them at the wall, the more likely something will stick to the court, no matter how ridiculous or absurd it is.

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The press release ends with AimJunkies suggesting Bungies behavior is the reason Activision sold the company, stating they are preparing to gain a certain point. New owner, Sony, will help you move forward. (Activision never owned Bungie.)

The box is contacted by Bungie about this press release and the ongoing litigation with AimJunkies.

Bungie has spent the last few years doing this and fighting against cheaters and others in a legal dispute over lawsuits. And although it had many victories, even shut down some sites and cheat makers. In the past, AimJunkies has fought back in court, and won some disappointing results for Bungie. It seems that the recent press release is signaling that this case won’t be coming to an end yet.