Daisos 100 yen ramen egg makers even better in smaller sizes

Our surviving eggman dreams are true - kokookachoo.

Our resident egg men dream, kookookachoo.

Last year we opened an easy container that specializes in making soy sauce-infused eggs effortlessly. The Seasoned Egg Maker, so handy, went viral and sold out in some locations due to the popular demand.

Our reporter Go Hatori managed to make one, and fell in love with ease of use and the quick results. However, his one problem with that is a large egghouse. That’s good for families and even the cool guy scout Luke, but in the case of Go and others, I have been doing the same thing.

Now at Daiso, there are two eggs version of virtually the same product, so Go can increase his egg and soy sauce intake.

As shown in the picture, its exactly the same thing is. That’s only half larger. So, the method you use is exactly the same, starting with egg-bumping to your preferred consistency.

While your eggs are boiling, you can add the sauce to the bottle to the whole container. If you were wondering why you couldn’t just make two eggs in the larger Seasoned Egg Maker, the soy sauce will move freely through all the containers. When the eggs were submerged it would just force all the sauce into the empty space.

So far as the size of the missing eggs would be able to use that 100 milliliters (3,4 ounces) standard, it would be very expensive to add for the four-egg maker, to compensate for the small space of the missing eggs. In addition to the two-egg maker, 50 milliliters will be able to save your soy sauce budget.

Just put the egg stabilizer in place once the egg is submerged.

So finally put on the cover.

Pour the seasoned egg maker out of the fridge for about an hour, and let the environment go.

After a minute, Go went to the fridge to see the finished product.

Unlike many to me, two beautiful brown eggs are coming from the shell.

And their ins boiled to perfection. It is almost certainly thanks to his precision gauge, that he bought from Daiso.

Go eagerly ate a taste and found them taste just as good as those from his Four-egg Seasoned Egg Maker.

It seemed like the makers of the Seasoned Egg Maker read Gos mind and solved the only problem he had with the product. He can now say that these things are perfect, and available in size and sizes for single- and out-size restaurants who put a huge amount of eggs into their ramens.

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