Disney celebrates Beating Netflix in Sub Count with a higher price!

Despite having launched in late 2018, the figures were posted on the web earlier this week to show that Disney+ had beaten Netflixs subscriber count. In other words, Disney was the new king (or queen, if you prefer) of the streaming wars, with more of us being subscribed to it now than now [.]

Despite having launched in late 2018, figures were posted on Facebook to confirm that Disney+ spokesman had officially defeated the subscriber count. In other words, Disney was the new king (or queen if you prefer) of the streaming wars, with most of us now being subscribed to it than just before, but even though Netflix was a humbling 2nd place.

Now, despite this being obviously quite surprising news, and especially since Disney+ is relatively new, youd think that would have been a cause for celebration, right? Well, apparently not after a report via CNBC, Disney confirmed it would raise its subscription price, at least for North America customers. A new ad-supported tier is a great idea.

Disney beats Netflix And then gives its price up!

Now, as we said above, before you get too worried (not you live there), this price hike will only be confirmed for America, and in that case, there is no clue whether the house of mouse intends to carry this over to Europe and the UK. Yes, as you can see, if the prices are going up there there, it is almost certainly guaranteed that it will happen there that side of the pond, too. For the moment yet, nothing official.

It seems like for me to come back to the point that the prices have gone up. In fact, this is a bit unusual since it originally had a 2-tier system, which now has a new third which is supported by advertisements. Netflix is set to make it before the end of the year.

The base price of their subscription now stands at 99,99. Since the cost per month increase is three dollars, the level of the program is as follows:

  • Disney+ No ads at all.
  • Disney+ with ads of $7.99.
  • Disney+ and Hulu (both ad-supported) $9.99

Don’t worry if you are in the USA, get ready to pay off your Disney bill. For us all, right? I’m not sure it was what it was. Get ready for your bill to go up too Albeit.

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