Dragon Ball franchise will be launched soon in Fortnite

The waltz of crossovers continues on Epic Games. The publisher announced its first announcement of an event based on the announcement this week. Without a simple image, I am now aware the universe of dragon ball is going to cross over fourteen days. Speak. You're seeking the wish8.16.2022 pic.twitter.com/IloBVI07AY "Fortnite" (@FortniteGame) August 11, 2022 In fact, the [] family of friends and family members was born.

Battle Royale continues along the line of epic games. The publisher made an announcement this week of an upcoming arrival or event. With the simple image, we know that the universe of dragon ball is going to cross the Fourteen days.


Fortnite (@FortniteGame) August 11th, 2022.

In fact, the tweet shows the sacred dragon Shenronthe, a famous creature of the Akira University, capable of producing desire. The letter emphasizes this unique power: it is one thing.

Speak. Please, add your wish August 16, 2022.

Epic Games will then tell us more about this new project next week. Did you take son Goku to the game? You can collect seven crystal balls of cash in the bonus? See you this Wednesday to take a look at it.

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