EXCLUSIVE: Star-Stood legend Casper Van Dien has been talking to us about his new show, Salvage Marines!

Salvage Marines premiered last July 2022, a new action show from the SF entitled "Silvage Marines" in which the dedicated soldiers are unable to live and prosper. But since you didn't get the show because it was never an internet service, it will surprise you. ACLUSIVE: FX Legend Casper Van Dien spoke with us about his new show Salvage Marines! Read More

June 2022 saw the debut of Salvage Marines, a new SF action show about a group of dedicated soldiers who are desperate to improve their lives and families. Even though you can’t have missed the show because it never was available on any streaming service, you’re surprised to find that a science-fiction legend is actually playing in the movie. Casper Van Dien is a legend of the American film scene known for his role in Starship Trooper Johnny Rico from the 1997 cult classic Starship Troopers, which is an in-play actor who is very unique in nature.

Now, we had the opportunity and pleasure to talk to Mr. Van Dien on his latest project, but in an exclusive interview, we also talked about his career. We were in a short conversation with Mr. Van Dien, where we discussed his first work, the character of a man in general, and the career of the man. I mentioned that Johnny Rico and the Starship Troopers are an inseparable part of Mr. Van Diens life and life and thus an inseparable part of our youth. We’ll reveal all the exclusive information that Mr. van Dien told us happy that he’s been quiet and relaxed with us.

FH: I first wanted to say I am a huge fan of your character. I am very proud of the movie Starship Troopers. For me, the book isn’t close to the movie, but it’s really rare. But let’s talk about your new show, Salvage Marines.What inspired you to produce and star in the Salvage Marines show, and how did you change the Necrospace series?

Survivor: When I was approached by Philippe Martinez for a sci-fi show, he was given permission to adapt the book to the screen. He said that it is time for Johnny Rico to come back to space. I read the script and I was hooked. I wanted to have the best of my life to give this story.

FH: We liked the story of Salvage Marines, it reminded us of the Warhammer series and its lovely atmosphere. If it were done on purpose, it was done on purpose and just something that came out on its own?

The writers were Starship fans and sci-fi fans from the time. They created a planet that is very different, but also very relatable. I think their love for the genre really makes sense in the pages.

FH: How was the team finally decided to stream the show on Popcornflix and Crackle? What do you think of the deal with us?

CVD: That’s way above my pay-count point, but was really happy the team would gain the love of Popcornflix and Crackle. They had an opportunity to study.

FH: There is a shame the production budget for that show couldn’t be bigger, the idea of megacorporations running the show sounds pretty amazing. Do you think that show would have a second season with a smaller budget?

CVD would be the dream. We did what we could with the promise. Every moment was given our all. We pushed everyone else’s pace to the next level. We were dying of heat exhaustion, but we knew that was our dream and that is very lucky. After much success, I’ve experience this as an experienced person. I never take it for granted. I love the dream of today as much as I am at the age of 19. Now season two! Let’s get there!

FH: Can you tell us some more about Samuel? Have you, perhaps, influenced him from your work you’ve done earlier? Perhaps Rico? “Laughs”.

I think I got some pigs from Rico, but now he’s older. I hope that you can speak a lot more wisdom. Sam does it for his family. A purpose of greater quality. Rico joined the girl to get her. I have two different motivations and my relationship to them both. If I have the honor to play a military man, I always look for my dad. He is a pilot and a research analyst in the Navy. He’s my hero. And always wanted to know exactly how he and those who served are.

FH: Do you think your family history helped you to get into these military roles, and also prepare your own college?

I was free to do whatever I love the people of my family. We must be here for all who want to try. The only thing I could do is give it my everything, after all the sacrifices of those brave soldiers.

FH: You’ve been playing a soldier/officer numerous times, but what do you think of in the movie? Is it Johnny Rico, the man you was famous and the most frequent person to whom you were most attracted to? Maybe one more role?

I am always paying for Johnny Rico. That movie made me work. I’ll forever be thankful for that.

FH: Do you think we’ll see more of Starship Troopers in the future? Can we see one a year ago?

I’m always ready to do what I am doing.

FH: Final question: do you say a little about your future projects on large and small screens? Are you planning to play game in future?

CVD: I have some films that go out this year. A girl, a mad Heidi, County Line : Keen Fear, Saipan. I’m excited about them all. I’d like to play games.

He thanks for the interview, is truly an honour of all the guys! We wish you the best in your career and we hope to see you in more great roles in the future!

That’s all for the sake of the matter. It was a whimp, but Mr. Van Dien gave us exclusive information to the series and took a deep insight into his character, it was a pleasure. Samuel Hyst is an elaborate and complex character and a very pleasure to talk about him in talking with the actor himself. Well, we hope the Salvage Marines return for a second season to do the story more justice, and that Mr. van Dien is going to land even more memorable roles in the future!

Until then, you can find our review of Salvage Marines. The boat, which has, though the price is very low, also has an interesting premise and a good acting.