fox-fun The Best Game Podcast Never Episode 12: The Best Games You Hate For A Spitential Reason

Disclaimer: Some of the people involved in this story had changed their names for legal reasons. Steve called the teachers and substitutes Miss Personality Vacuum. Yes, the shiver, Steve replied frightfully. Come, be honest, he asked. George. Yes, Mary. Stacy. Isn't it right, it is right here? Stacey replied? Idiot, Mrs. Personality Vacuum continued. "The silence ": the silence.

Due to the fact that there were some people in that story changing their names has been redeemed.

Steve called the teacher’s substitut, Miss Personality Vacuum.

Sure, Ms. Sam, I replied.


Please come, Frank said.


Yes, maam, I’m glad George responded.


Yes, miss me, here is the answer, explained Stacey.

Idiot, Miss Personality Vacuum continued.

The silence was ruined only by a slight turning the head and a sound of the neck rubbing against the collar of the shirt.

Idiot, said Miss Personality Vacuum again. This time, I was looking at the class with a vague stare.

There were still only audible voices on the quilt, but that head that turned her head could draw an arrow directly at Dickhead.

Idiot, please reply to you. A personality check is very important.

Dickhead said that my name isn’t Dickhead, with the stupidness of talking baby Jack Russell.

I’m sorry, said Miss.

Dick, Dickhead sneered.

Okay, thank you, as her tone unpunished, Miss V said, and merely passing the register.

Kate, asked Miss V.

When do you call my name? interrupted Dickhead.

Okay, yes, Miss V was a little intimidated right now, evidently a little angry, but didn’t try showing it. Dick.


Miss V stared at Dickhead, a look that either would turn you into stone or burn a hole on you.

I’m Dickhead’s name, Dickhead said.

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If you listen first to the show, please come back and listen to the previous episodes. We would love to hear your suggestions for topics. I hate to say that they scraped barrels. But someone suggested the best duck game all the other day, and now I thought it was the best thought of all.

Three syllables can be shortened to two. This is the only one you’ll find. I expect him to go on a 30 minute panel show where people decide the best game of their own, like this podcast, but unlike this podcast that can be mean, Ignorance, and not like it thinks it is.

Your favorite games are because of your specific reasons.

Here is a sample of who’s choosing what.

Tom Final Fantasy 7 (original)

Yes, I picked one of the best games of all time, but as for the reason I didn’t leave it, the games marketing sold to many people a game that didn’t seem like it. Basically, i wasn’t stuck on the first disc, right? Maybe I was bored and really lazy to figure out what i’d do, but after that, so much saucer awoke me to give up.

Alex likes Russia.

Sean Connery is a unique player. What could go wrong? Right, it seems the performance will be okay. Although Sean was loved in James Bond movies, his performance in a PS2-era video game was abysmal.

He is the fourth James man.

Persona 4 is a great game, and you’ll find that country life more exciting than you thought, in case of the mysterious, killer and swindle into life-changing friendships. The only problem is that, in between a few minutes and a few hours of progress and a little time, you can throw everything away. There’s nowhere in the world to tell you that, but you should work more at the corner shop, idiot.

If you think that James will write jokes at home, then he can read the script. Tweet, post on Facebook or be one of those people walking around town with the speakers and manipulate it to play the latest episode at the obscene volumes.

If you want more video games, then you may better be careful when you visit the recording center. The games are done by Eurogamer, Digital Foundry has DF Direct, Dicebreaker covers the world of tabletop gaming, and the external Xbox has a lot of “Drengers & Dragons” podcasts.

Table of contents.

  • A particular reason is one of the best games you’ve hated.
    • Tom Final Fantasy 7 (original)
    • Alex love Russians.
    • James 4:23.