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Twitch is certainly the most recognized streaming platform in recent years. Platform that has huge numbers of content creators and therefore audiences. Yes According to various estimates, purple platform has 21 million active users. A truly barbarism. To add that, there are times more than 9 every month.

Twitch is probably the best streaming platform in recent years. Platform with lots of content creators and thus, audience members. Yes According to several estimates, the purple platform has 21 million active users daily. Barbarism is real. To that, we need to add that every month more than 9 million people stream at least once. Let’s go of a slew of supply and demand.

Twitch has been used in many content creators since that time was extended to traditional platforms like YouTube. That platform hasn’t been immune to controversy in recent years. I guess there’d be an instant when the hot tub went out of flame.

A category under the category of the creators is limited to a hot tub, swimming or on the beach. Something seemingly innocent, but which was used to sexualize the content of the live, and of course attract more audiences. A practice that was widely criticized, but still still valid on the platform today. Indeed, this category has more than 7,000 subscribers.

Twitch had to come to the fore to talk about this controversy. Because its a bit undercomprehensible the amount of censorship or limitations the platform postsulates and is so lax at other occasions. However, as we all know, the answer to such cases is usually a very clear answer. After some statements in which they claim that finding another sexy person isn’t against the rules of the platform, the circus still operates.

It isn’t about video games anymore.

That said, it’s clear that the platform isn’t just a place to explicitly stream video games. There is much more content, and isn’t always harmful. In reality, one of the most popular categories, Just Chatting, has more than twenty million followers. For us, because users don’t want to see one person playing video games, they want to meet and share their favorite streamer and share moments with each other. In short, thanks to these categories, the viewer manages to rely on the content creator’s voice. I mean all content that isn’t only video games are, therefore, not bad.

I have to say to you that the company policies regarding certain things are absolutely out of the way. The new front seems to be emerging, a new threat, which personally concerns me much more. In this case, we have to discuss the jolly machine. Anglo-Saxon word does not tell us anything, since he sounds softer, sweeter, more sweet than his hispanic counterpart. Because as we know, saying crunch is a lot better and more delicate than saying exploitation through work. It’s just that similar to the term ”slot machines’, which literally means’slot machines’.

As honest as I am, I didn’t mind the idea that such a material was to broadcast on a platform that would continue to play video games. Even though we usually aren’t good at the moment, the reality is much colder than we think. Recently they contacted several Spanish streaming media sites to promote big money.

This type of behavior becomes a symbol of how it looks like nothing happens, not a consequence, and it is an important symbol of global celebration. Gambling, a result of popular ignorance, hardly happens, it can be a result of people asking for it or just a person who would simply fall for nothing. We rarely assume that cold as I mentioned, the reality is much more terrifying and we’re faced with a problem that is a lot more common than we think and unable to knock upon the door.

Take a closer look at the question.

To be sure, many users are unaware of the risks and scope of these practices. To avoid the negligible practice carried out by one of their referents with the cry of no one’s forcing you to see it. That’s the problem, too.

When we see a referent practicing such practice, we tend to normalize it, to remove risks and sometimes to find solutions. In a moment of weakness, knowing that this could be a good option is good. No, we need to be crazy because we don’t like to think about it. It could happen to anyone. The risks of a streamers if an underage person is slammed. So we know that they’re more likely to influence them and make more hedonistic decisions.

With the data, our hands are handicapped.

Leaving this aside, I’d like to focus this article on some data, which I think need to see even more light. First, the number of people with pathological gambling in Europe. According to the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers (FEJAR), there are currently 680,000 people who suffer from gambling. But beware, there are people with the confirmed diagnosis. What will I mean by that? The number of people is much higher. According to the institution itself, over half a million people have an undiagnosed gambling problem.

Add these figures to those who have already had a gambling problem, but that manual does not include as players. Include another interesting information in your report. One of them is middle-aged. In this sense 44% of patients who have been diagnosed and treated are under 26. Because of this, we can see that juvenile populations are relatively high in the city. Out of these data, The organisation noted that 61,200 gamblers have possible addiction in 18 to 14 years.

On the other hand, the average virtual player rate is higher than the average virtual player rate. Indeed there are many ways to access these platforms from simple mobile devices, which means that we’re always connected to those gaming platforms. That is ultimately an even greater risk. Because of that, the audience quotas for these types of live receives so worrying. Since only the Slots category has more than one million subscribers. And it’s not surprising to see that it has more than 60 thousand spectators at any time.

dark face

I think with all that, it’s quite clear that in response to that problem that needed to be eradicated from a platform like Twitch. Some direct is financed for such a large number of a company, which remunerate its influence as a result of betting. Reminding viewers by a simple and viable way to make money using that type of practice. The purple platform andShes more concerned about muting live streams that use 15 seconds of copyrighted music. In this case, the platform seems to be moving about the possibility of this, and with its popularity – which isn’t.

It’s not for the reason we wanted to release this short article from here, and to make some fundamental doubts about this growing problem clear to the eye.

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