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From deep seas to the tallest mountain, to many of the most hostile survival environments in the game kingdom, your challenges are a clear resuscitation! We've curated an exciting collection of books for the exploration and survival skills, and stripped them down by up to 50% from now until the 15th of August. Here are some [] items.

From deepest seas to the tallest mountains, and from the most hostile survival environment in the videogame kingdom, your challenge is clear Survive!

Weve curated an exciting collection of titles to test your survival and exploration skills – and stripped them down to 50% from now until the 15th of August. Here are some challenges you’ve got to face.

When a plane crashed you were stuck deep and stranded in a great deal of water. If you are self-employed, or with a friend, we can’t call for help but to do whatever is necessary to survive. Take an ape in the water, and take it to the north as you scavenge for supplies to craft the tools, weapons, and the shelter that you must survive. Watch out: hunger, thirst and exposure are the worst of the times that you face, as they brave the haze of Pacific.

In a notorious post-apokalyptic world overrun by the undead, seven days to die is a play-off that combines first-person shooter, survival horror, tower defense and role-playing games. It demonstrates combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration and character development.

nautica: Unabashed Zero is an underwater adventure game set on the Earthsenior.Immere in a new expedition on the planet 4546 B of an Arctic region. In the morning you arrived with less than you were and you’re just going to learn what you have to do with your younger brother.

The low temperatures in the eastern part of the arctic pose a new threat. New weather patterns provide for higher-ground habitats. Prepare a cozy cold suit, enjoy a hot coffee and warm up near the Thermal Lilies.

Take care of the consequences. If you survive and thrive after the annihilation, there are scarce resources, but the opportunity is approaching. Build an absolute disaster-proof colony, protect your colonists and turn civilisation into an devastated world.

Go beyond the colony and study the wasteland for a way to collect resources, meet the competing colonies and discover the mysteries of the world.

Last oasis, continue moving, our world is dying! In this nomad survival mMO you can make a walking mobile base to travel to new lands. Join a clan and fight to protect territories. Since the money has gone very fast, grab your sword and get ready to sell and shave your hand, so you can apologise and enjoy the experience.

This is only a small sample of the survival adventures that await you. That survival sale runs until the 15th of August and remembers your goal, life is easier and more alive!