If you play one of the major player’s activities, you can use this keyboard to program combos

It's clear that a common way to play on PC is with a mouse and a keyboard. Even when it comes to MMO type games where we usually have to perform multiple key combinations to get the best performance, it's common to leave us with sore hands.

Although one is probably an amateur, as is a master’s degree, but it is common to do a bad thing on a PC like a mouse and a keyboard. The point of the games is that we will have to perform a few key combinations to ensure a good performance. With the keyboard we will recommend below, that’s over, since it has no rass for your hands, but it allows you to give a touch and write on each key.

Razer Tartarus V2, or Pro, is a very powerful keyboard for MMOs.

When you’re in the battlefield, it’s always crucial that your strikes reflect in-game from casting spells to activating abilities. With this keyboard you can bind three keys of mecha-membrane to enable them instantly, and all without having to move it. We also have a much cheaper variant called the Tartarus Pro, whose switch is opto-mechanical rather than mecha-membrane.

The Razer Tartarus V2 has a scroller, a digital stick and other programmable buttons, resulting in up to 32 programmable keys that can be installed, although the usual choice is to leave the central area for traditional movement keys in game games (MOs) with this, for example.

If you play several MMOs and not only ones, remember that with the Razer Synapse configuration software you can configure and store different profiles that automatically activate when you start a game, so you only have to invest some time starting in setting up the device, so you forget about it. Everything works automatically.

This keyboard will be used with the left hand. In addition to the ergonomics, the curved hand is not so smooth, it is easy to use. As part of that, the hand rest will allow us to rotate slightly upwards from the position that the hand is facing.

Lastly, it should be noted that it has Acrobat XR inklight, easily convertable with effects and color and easily convertable to various games. You can make any keyboard flash red, red, blue, and red, when you’re in need of energy. That should be your choice for it to improve your performance in MMO-type games.

Prices and availability.

Razer alone is not a cheap item, and the Tartarus V2 and Tartarus Pro MMO keyboards are proof of that. The V2, which has mecha-membrane switch, usually costs around 80 dollars, and the Pro model is usually worth around 30 dollars.

I suppose that if you use the game itself for hours and hours, you should consider this keyboard as a cost and investment. If you have configured and you have gotten used to it, it won’t matter whether you are able to live without it.