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From next year onwards, New adventures happen in Gamindustri, but only now the focus will be more focused than the Goddesses of Planeptune, LaStation, Lowee or Leanbox, but rather their adorable little sisters of CPU Goddess Candidates. The adventures begin with Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram from 2023 onwards with Neptunia: sisters []

From next year, new adventures will take place in Gamindustri, but on that only this time focus will be more on the Goddesses of Planeptune, LaStation, Lowee or Leanbox, rather on their adorable little sisters the CPU Goddess Candidates. The adventure for Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram takes place in 2023. New Zealand: Sisters and Sisters, launched in Japan by Idea Factory International on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

After being awake from a two-year-long slumber, the Goddess Candidates had found out that Gamindustri were going to use a new spherical device called the rPhone as their primary communication method. We didn’t realise they could leave their homes because of the monsters lurking outside. For their work together with new and old friends, they must work together to stop Gamindustri from spreading.

Idea Factory International confirmed that limited edition versions of Neptunia: Sisters and Sisters will be available only on the US and Europe’s national market, with a standard physical edition coming, and will be available for Steam and PlayStation.

Keep scrolling down to read the full story synopsis, see preview screenshots and more. Read on, “The Otakus Study” for more information regarding “Wonders vs. Sisters” in 2023.

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Story Synopsis

Even though the Goddesses were out responding to the distress call from the far-away PC Continent, NPF and other Candidates were sent to investigate an abandoned laboratory.

It was there that they found the Ashen Goddess who trapped them in a deep sleep capsule. The first two years have already passed by them.

The latest smartphone, the rPhone, is the biggest market-grabbing phone.

Neptune has been missing from the PC Continent since the mission, and with no Goddess and Candidate, Planeptune was ravaged by a strange new phenomenon called Trendi Outbreaks.

Nepgear suddenly became a disgrace from home and family.

This story is about opening doors for hope, after an open fire, and the rebirth of a goddess in the wake of destruction.

Promoted Features

As you wander across Gamindustri, you will encounter a multitude of enemies and take up your time to fight. Use your two attacks to re-train. Take control of the battlefield in a unique tactical action battle!

Get the Planeptune Look Throughout the game youll find funaccessories to deck out and customize your party members. After completing the first leg of the game, you can demonstrate your style in the new Photo Mode. You’ll also unlock two NEW characters from two legendary game developers Higurashi from Ryukishi07 and Wuhi’s Alice from ZUN!

Do you hear people, roaring? Since the fall of the storm from the Phenomenon, the vast majority of people have turned to the rphone for their daily lives, including communication. By connecting to the Chirper social network you will join the various side quests made by those in need and earn special rewards!

Match Game 23On the battlefield, you can have three party members out at once. Match up your team members with a partner for stat and elemental bonuses. The stronger the bond is, the better the bonus is!