That processor is the world’s best, but you can’t buy it

The most powerful processors are those with the highest cores today. In addition to more cores, you need relatively high clock rates. It's a great example of AMD, which with its processor design can design multicore processors better than Intel. This is the best computer in the [] world.

One of the best processors of today is the highest number of cores. By adding more cores, you need to earn relatively high clock rates. The best candidate for this case is AMD, the processor that can design complex processors with many other cores than Intel.

It is world’s greatest machine – the human engine.

In the market, there are different products. There are simple and inexpensive solutions for office automation and other services. You have a professional or the games processor then known as Intel Core and AMD Ryzen. However, there are two other processor lines. First, for workstations for heavy tasks, and the second, for servers and data centers.

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5995WX It’s a centralized memory processor that could be used for personal work space, professional network storage and other advanced systems. This code also tells us that it has advanced encryption and security elements. This already tells us that this isn’t a commercial processor to be used, but that it’s a very specific solution for a specific industry.

The scalability of this processor is really huge. This processor has 64 cores and 28 threads, which makes it one of the most expensive of all time. This processor is rated from 2,7 GHz to 4,5 GHz. It also has 32 MB of L2 and 256 MB of L3 cache.

Maybe you’re interested in knowing how much power is worth. A good and cheap and finding it on the market is very difficult as it is currently reserved for workstations that are not sold commercially. They sell each other directly to companies.

We found that AMD’s version 595 WX, which cost $6,499. We found that on eBay it’s sold for 9,000 dollars and on AliEpxress for 260 dollars. Of course, we don’t recommend buying them on these platforms, not because of the price, but because who knows if this processor is?

What about Intel?

We looked at the CPUBenchmark and the Xeon Platinum 8380 was our first intel processor. This processor is currently on the second place, with a lot of AMD Threadripper and EPYC processors ahead of it.

It’s so far down the list, since this processor is made up of 50 cores and 80 threads. This processor has a frequency of 2,3 GHz. It can reach a 3,3 GHz increase frequency. This processor has 60 MB of cache and has a total amount of 270 W of memory.

If you want to buy this, this processor isn’t generally sold. HPE (HP Enterprise) also offers Proliant servers with this processor. Please call for a quote. The price for Xeon Platinum 8380 that Intel would have put on this processor is nearly $9,000. According to CPUBenchmark, the trading price for this processor is almost $9,000.