The “Becoming Witch”

Becoming witch Episode 7 illustrates how Nak-gus wedding gets destroyed and what follows.

The Korean drama The Toller is alive. The series is created by Kim Yun-chul and Park Pa-ran and is starring Lee Yu-ri, Lee Min-young and Yoon So-yi. Each episode of the TV Chosun series has twelve and Eighth Witch is 65 minutes long.

Netflix drew the series in terms of:

I mean, whereas there are three WOMEN in the last forty.

Becoming Witch Episode 7 Review Contains Mild Spoilers.

Becoming a Witch episode 7 starring Ma-ri, Jin-a and Hui-su with their revenge on Nak-gu and Go-euns. Jin- and Hui-su try to try to stop Ma-ri initial but, it’s not useful and thus will eventually rejoin him. Nak-gu was shocked to see the trio and Go-eun tries to stop Ma-ri. Nak-gus fans aka the wedding guests and the priest try to stop Ma-ri but, after knowing she’s his wife, nothing seems to happen.

Ma-ri lays Nak-gu and leaves the church. The angry Nak-gu checks if the incident was recorded but, is disappointed to see that nothing has been recorded. On the other hand, Woo-bin tries to contact his best friend Cho Du-chang at the latters company and is recognised by Du-chang as a successful angel investor.

Du-chang returns the money the latter has invested in the former which changed his life and also insists on taking an interest. Although Mu-young who receives the remark from Hui-su and claims that he has not seen the truth, a fertility doctor visits him who initially was expecting to see Hui-su, but ended up having lunch with Mu-young and telling him everything he has revealed to Hui-su.

Was there still being no witches, Episode 7?

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The girls head home after the destruction of an Nk-gus wedding and on the way to hit a car, which turns out to be someone Ma-ri already knows. Because the two of them are hooking up, Jin-a and Hui-su drop off early so they can let Ma-ri go with the guy. Ma-ri drinks with a guy that has to be a reporter and heads home.

Hui-su is greeted by a mutual divorce application and Jin-a finds all her money gone. Jin-a calls Woo-bins friends and finds out whom he is. Ma-ri, on the other hand, wakes up at Nak-gus entrance and says he’s jealous and doesn’t resent him of the story as he shows her pictures from the night before and says that he’s not going to divorce Ma-ri after the reporter shows him he and the woman are talking about seeing each other. This turns out to be Nak-gus plan that his lawyer suggested would stick with his wife.

Ma-ri talks with her lawyer over the new developments. She suggests that Nak-gu is trying to paint him dirty for a bad affair. When it comes to Hui-su, she visits the kindergarten event, where her doctor’s friend met a friend, but feels lost in the ground. Jin-a finds their friends with and has a taste of the friendships Woo-bin has had with them. He goes to Du-changs, but he escapes. Hui-su finds out she is pregnant.

Before the Seventh episode, it’s still from The Witch.

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Ma-ri decided to meet Hui-suk and demanded from the Oracle that the same arrange for. In her house, it is war with Nak-gu to bring in Go-eun, who he sold the other half of the share. Jin-a attacks Woo-bin at a conference that he and Du-chang are at.

Becoming the Witch episode 7-9, ending with the story of the witch.

Hui-su exposes her pregnancy to a child who shares a shocking details. Despite being liable for non-vesomyography, and moreover, Hui-su is the one who can’t get pregnant because she is forced to conceive. Jin-a has a bad feeling at Woo-bin because he stole her money. He also pushes Woo-bin off a terrace. After The Becoming Witch Episode 7 ends when Su-ji rings a bell at Ma-ri and Nak-gus residence and the two parents panic when they return.

Becoming the Witch Episode 7: Final Thoughts.

Is Becoming a witch getting repetitive? We think we’re thinking so. Both Jin-a and Hui-sus developments have a meaning: they both have emotion and drama. Although the segments between Ma-ri and Nak-gu, which make up most of the show, still lack an understanding and melodramatic but not in a enjoyable way.

Keep from coming a witch Episode 7.

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