The most weird publisher we know: This is PlayWay

Playway supports many games on the right, leading to the main character of Bum Simulator. link to the Podcast Content Moment, the is from PlayWay and also? and the of? When we first talked with the Polish publisher about a few years ago, we weren't speechless about how many games games came from PlayWay. Playway is [] [English].

Playway supports many games on the right, named Bum Simulator.

This is related to the podcast.

The is from PlayWay and the other, the? We were speechless at the number of games we played in PlayWay when we first talked about the Polish publisher a few years ago.

PlayWay is the biggest publisher that only one knows that was what we had initially thought.

The bizarre bunker building game Mr. Prepper? PlayWay. The Twitch hit house flipper, which has now sold over two million copies? PlayWay. The car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is commercially successful and playedfully not bad? PlayWay. The surprisingly serious UBOAT we hailed as a merit for the sim submarine fans? PlayWay.

There are all the simulators like the Gold Rush Simulator, the Cooking Simulator, the Thief Simulator, the Bolss Simulator, the Ultimatum Fishing Simulator, many more. We’re playing all the time.

The Polish publisher is a very busy and imposing company based on dozens of small publishers and Polish (indie) studios. A gigantic bluster of dwarfs.

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We only discovered that PlayWay was the liar of the simulator manufacturer when, lets say, the engineers have had huge demands and went over to the jingle of the game. A whole wave of new building games has gone away from Poland: The construction of Egypt, the construction of Greece, the Aztec Empire, Orc Warchief, City of Atlantis and others.

We have been alerted. And you shouldn’t be also, namely in the podcast. Natalie worked her way into the PlayWay empire and studied with Micha the background of the publisher.

Playway is obviously going to be changing its mind. Because the name wasn’t still in the wild a few years ago, it was still obvious that word has been circulating at this time, so we can not use it to make it known. PlayWay is in danger of being labeled a cheap dump to throw flimsy ideas out all of which want to add wishes to Steam.

That is why PlayWay is changing titles early in development, moving bad games to sub-labels, not called PlayWay, and works with Car Mechanic Simulator, House Flipper & Co. to appeal to investors.

PlayWay has been quite successful, so the company’s sales have increased sixfold since 2017. To ensure that this continues, success must become more predictable. And that is where it becomes complex.

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