The Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080 (No RTX) Prototype Images are gaining popularity online!

I dare think many of you are aware that when Nvidia launched its 20XX graphics cards back in 2018, they came under a new brand name that was a remarkable tool. For example, this was chosen to highlight the difference between this new generation and all models who had already come. I mean by the inclusion of [] is [sitting] the need for the inclusion.

I dare to say that more than a few of you know that when Nvidia launched its 20XX graphics card back in 2018, they came under a brand new RTX brand. I decided to highlight the distinction between all the new generation and the new model who had emerged prior. In addition to the bells and whistles ray tracing capabilities, which have, in fairness, have yet to yet really set the gaming world on fire (Just a personal opinion, but I think that the inclusion of DLSS which was also released with the 20XX series is still the more interesting aspect of the two), the general question is, and is the nature of the two aforementioned, and is still a matter of a lifetime.

However, it is not known that Nvidia actually didn’t come to the decision to use this RTX logo until, relatively speaking, that it was early in development. And in something that clearly shows it, after a report by Videocardz came a prototype – a nanochip of the GeForce GTX (no RTX) 2080, there were images of a graphics card already available!

Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080 will be released in 2080.

Based on the overall aesthetic, this does not support all the design aesthetics of the final version of the 2080 Founders Edition. The only difference that matters is that this is denoted more as a GTX than as an RTX. How did this re-entry into general circulation?

Well, the best guess is that this was probably an engineering sample. These are usually distributed around three months before a graphics card is released. Despite a sleeve like that, the long run for Nvidia is a clear indication of the fact that many people had the chance of a move to run with the RTX logo sooner than expected.

A master’s dream swarms and a master’s dream.

Such graphics cards are obviously very rare and even more desirable among collectors. While I’ll forget about it, I’ll admit that I’m a little surprised that this particular one was recently sold only for around 330 dollars on eBay. Just because of the fact that, at this point, it had apparently had a somewhat annoyanced life as a cryptocurrency miner (as far as I would wish to joking!).

Why do you take a little? Well, my best guess is 90% of the people who saw the advertising thought it was either a fraud or a accident. I know it would have been my first reaction.

Now, admittedly, the existence of Nvidia GTX 2080s is of course known. It is, however, still very cool to see a very rare design in the wild. I mean for all intents and purposes this is the only official GTX graphics card that can be used with ray tracing and DLSS and a card I just want to own.

What do you think though?