The RPG is meant to play soccer for this year’s first day

No more robots and PanicBarn revealed they are working on an open-world comedy, The Tale of a Powerful World RPG - a guise-off on 8 kb-bit puzzles - that is intended to solve puzzles and save the world with your trusty magic soccer ball. The Soccer Story is a year after the Calamity tore apart the []...then that time.

More Robots and PanicBarn has revealed they are working on a new 8-bit-style comedy, “Lay Out Children’s Life,” called Soccer Story, which aims to solve puzzles and save the world with a trusty magic ball.

Soccer Story was born in a year after The Calamity dispersed the foundations of soccer as we know it. Soccer Inc. hat been dangling that no soul has ever ever been permitted to look at a football ball, not even kick. No doubt, that’s a real Messi situation. At least for those who regularly kick soccer balls like myself.

That is a good time. A magical football has finally chosen you, The Savior of Soccer. You were tasked with saving the future of the sport and bringing peace to the world once again (it sounds like a nightmare for me, but hey, virtual me could get down with the idea) Do you see anyone doing that?

Soccer Story has a wide range of activities and events to participate in, as well as a goal-oriented quest or side-missions to complete over 15+ hours of gameplay. You’ll build your soccer team and battle against the fiercest teams from toddlers to old-age pensioners to ninjas and literal sharks. This game also features the local multiplayer game with an expanded roster of teams and animal captains.

The development team is aiming to launch on the platforms PC, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Google Stadia, but no official release date has been announced for the launch date.