The success of the legendary open world pioneer shows new game-playing

In two decades have passed, and the legendary open world game finally gets a sequel. Outcast 2 is currently being assembled in Belgium by the same studio that paid for his own influence. But 20 years have not only passed in our world. From the article about the human, it comes into question.

Over twenty years have passed and the legendary open world game is finally getting a sequel. Outcast 2 is currently being assembled in Belgium by the same studio that credited its cult predecessor to the development.

But 20 years have not only passed in our world. There’s also the story of the human soldier Cutter Slade in this story about the death of the predecessor in the same way. The first trailer to the trailer showed that the now much older Slade has not lost his athleticism and quickly-wittedness. The video was recorded in THQ Showcase 2022.

Are you looking to see him? Start in the morning.


Outcast 2: Lots of gameplay for the sequel to the Open-World Classic.

What were you waiting to see?

The planet

What were we seeing? There are lots of people. Because of the trailer, I was fascinated by how the planet Adelpha presents itself this time. We recognized many different regions instantly, which as they appear to be familiar with the early years.

  • Okaar: We see Cutter Slade zipping through the wooded area.
  • Motazaar: These rugged mountains and lava flows lie in the area.
  • Tari: And the desert areas of Adelpha are a capital of Okriana.
  • Ranzaar: If you see snow, then you are in the area.
  • Okasankaar: At one point in Trailer, Cutter Slade flies over a green lake, it’s not just in that swamp area that must be in the same area.

It wasn’t known as a significant part of the attraction of the predecessor, but still Outcast 2 won’t be a technological leader in decades ago. At least now, Slade has a new instrument: He could fly to the globe with his jetpack! In his predecessor, the soldier was completely on foot.

If you want to see exactly what the predecessor was like, we have a perfect video for you.


Outcast Hall of Fame video is a feature of the open world classic 1999.

The fights

There are many fights, as well. In the role of Slade, we can now upgrade our weapons by a number of modules and turn them around. The jetpack also increases the movement considerably, since a short evasive movement is possible with it. In addition, Cutter has an energy shield ready, with which he can deflect and knock away attacks, but also back oppose opponents.

Compared to the most realistic one-dimensional firefights in the first part, Outcast 2 offers a large amount of options in different combat situations.

What about Outcast 2?

The native stalans are facing a major threat and the poor Cutter Slade should again protect the entire population. This time the elderly hero shits a whole army of robots who, despite still unknown reasons, occupy Adelpha and enslave the inhabitants.

However, this time the story should be much more dynamic and adapt to the decisions of the players. Even violence might not always be the wisest solution even if the gameplay combat looks too funny for that. We have a huge preview.

What do you think about the new Outcast 2 film? Are you fans of the original era and were you convinced of what was shown, or do you still not know it without it?

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