Todays webtoon episode 5 Recap and Review: Kim Se-jeongs First Failure As A Webtoon Producer

In Todays Webtoon episode 5, Ma-eum and Jun-yeong face tough jobs.

Todays Webtoon ( ) is a 2022 Korean Coming-of-age Drama based on Japan’s Japanese Manga calledJuhan Shuttai!by Naoko Matsuda. The series stars Kim Se-jeong, Choi Daniel and Nam Yoon-su in lead roles. This series has 16 episodes and now WebtoonEpisode has a runtime of 76 minutes.

Today’s webtoon Episode 5 recap containtizes Spoilers.

In Today’s Webtoon Episode 5, Ma-eum hurts the Webtoon artists in the camp while trying to protect Shin Dae-ryuk and Jun-yeong from him. He creates a mess by saying that he won’t sue the company if he hurts his hands. Jun-yeong visits the hospital but Ma-eum is worried if she has really ruined her arts career.

Ji-hyung and Man-chul have other things to do and wait for the news from Jun-yeong. Jun-yeong sees the artist and his friend faking the injury. He records his injury on camera. They’ve already posted complaints on the Internet, and Man-chul must answer his seniors that everything is fine in the camp.

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The judges finish the camp’s winners, so all of them except Kwon are impressed with Shin Dae-ryuk’s storytelling skills. He’s very poor at drawing but his storywriting and the plot storywriting and writing is all natural. Man Chul thinks they can improve his drawing skills. Nevertheless, writer Baek suggests he will be in the house as his assistant.

Dae-ryuk won the final, but had an amazing opportunity that he refused first but Ma-eum managed to convince him. All new artists got a producer and Ma-eum has a producer for Gu Seul-a but Seul-a isn’t confident about herself yet. Jun-yeong refuses to take any artist, as he doesn’t think he’s going to be a rookie artist.

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Heo invites Jun-yeong for dinner and to discuss his offer. Jung-yeong has many questions about his future in the webtoon team. He seems very worried about pulling out the webtoon team and creating a whole new team. He believes that team cannot achieve the promised goal and has already started making moves.

Jun-yeong is asking him for a correct report of the team progress and by correct, he means a report that will be worked in Heo’s favour. Jun-yeong is still in a dilemma, but pretends to accept his offer. He doesn’t like where it’s headed.

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Ma-eum has been working with Gu Seul-a for three months and is still gaining a sense of his storyboard while the first one who joined was her first full time friends. Seul-as mother has been waiting to find a true job instead of learning about her hobbies which had put stress on seul-a. Dae-ryuk started working with his artist Baek and his other assistants, but he doesn’t know how to speak in a social setting and offends his senior artist, not once, often. He tells Ma-eum that he’ll go back to his old job if he is not able to make a debut within a year.

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Ma-eum had a lot of anger because her artistic talent wasn’t doing that well, but instead she saw Seul-a with Kwon PD. Kwon needs an artist to turn a novel into a webtoon and he knows Seul-a’s nickname, without knowing that she is under Nexon. She offered her the project and told her to abandon her project with Ma-um. His project will also give her money and experience.

She accepts her offer, and Kwon advises Ma-eum to try to think about how an artist can, too, work with their future. This was Ma-eum’s first rookie artist and she failed to make her debut. Ji-hyung consoles her it will happen a lot more.

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Ma-eum remembers the time when her father supported her every dream and allowed her to take time from her opponent while her opponent and his opponent were crushed in a Judo match. She can’t tell her father about her job, but she has opened up to him after a judo match. She says that her dreams have changed and she wants to follow them because they make her happy.

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The rookie webtoon producers face new challenges every day as they venture into their careers. Ma-eum and Jienyang are two distinct people. While Ma-eum is prepared to face the challenges as soon as they come, Jun-yeong wants to take calculated risks. It takes to try hard, however. They both keep the story fresh while they are treading their paths slower.

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