Two greatest moments in Big Mouth Episode 5: Couple Goals, Overt Threats and a New Avatar

Great Time to Watch My tidbits! Chang-ho protects his wife against the bullies, but can he protect her from him?

Little Mouth Overview.

Big Mouth() is a crime-thriller-mystery Korean TV series, directed by Oh Choong-hwan. It stars Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah, Kim Joo-hun and Yang Kyung-won, as well as other cast members. The series takes over MBCs Friday and Saturday 10 AM. This is a pre-occupied post-office office that was previously occupied byDoctor Legal.

A big mouth story revolves around a lawyer who is less wealthy than average when the big mouth gets him into trouble. The murder case ends in swindling Big Mouse, which leaves him scrambling with his wife Ko Mi-ho to save his name and his life from the conspiracy and its results.

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Big Mouth Episode 5 Best Moments.

The Big Mouth episode 5 has some great moments to go and watch. Its especially good for the fans of Chang-ho, since he finally wins one and is cementing his position in prison. And because he threatened his adversaries to stay away from his wife is a complete oppa act, so we’re here for it. We’ve got the best moments of the episode.

1. When Chang-ho wins over Ji-hoon, the prison’s entire applause fades into applause.

The movie hasn’t hurt anyone but me.

Now we have had a great time waiting for this moment for 4 episodes. I could not get a victory in return for this sweet and naive lawyer. I can’t get away from the temptation of being defeated so hard it will get me to death. And, boy, does that come to us? Chang-ho miraculously pronounces the names, but he also has the most sassinious attitude against Ji-hoon and his henchmen. Oh, and has he mentioned the look that he sees when he buys Yoon-gab? Priceless!

Since the prison celebrated his win and their betting, we couldn’t be happier.

2. Mi-ho tells the nurses that they’re bullied.

I just told you this is a very small scene, not so impactful in my own way, but Man, I laughed when Mi-ho was bullied by all the nurses, almost told me she would get her hair done. The look on all of humanity’s faces is priceless and talks about her approach to the unnecessary bullying coming up.

3. Mi-ho tells Ji-hoon to stop.

Our girl stands up to bullies in the workplace but also holds the morale for Ji-hoon, who calls for a meeting to bully her over their husband and Jae-youngs papers. She refuses to think of an antagonist who says that Chang-ho is a big-famous man and, furthermore, refuses to give papers, since it is important that they catch Jae-youngs killers and help her husband.

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4. Chang-ho shows Do-ha what he is made up of.

Do-ha has been envious in five episodes, have you? First, he brought our protagonist into this mess and then just left him to rot in prison if it was needed. and then he led Ji-hoon into the sink in a restaurant when the latter got too cocky. So, where does the mayor stand?

So, when Do-ha realises that he is a scapegoat, he threatens Chang-ho and asks whether he’s genuine. Chang-ho did remain calm till today, but his wife is not sitting down in this chair. Therefore, at the most reasonable possible price, Chang-ho told him to let him think about his wife Do-ha because he doesn’t want to interfere in his private affairs.

5. At another mention of Mi-ho, Chang-ho shows Ji-hoon his place.

This was a very exciting moment for the audience. No one knows why, but when Ji-hoon threatens Chang-ho with Mi-ho and how he can harm outside prison, he immediately arrives at his wife, who tells him she got white chrysanthemums delivered to him. Ji-hoon suddenly doesn’t understand anything about it, but soon after taking turns, the colour discolours from his face.

Chang-ho only said that if he tried to harm his wife, Ji-hoon will get the worst gift from him.

Well, Chang-ho is proving quite the character and Big Mouth episode 6 promises a new look and even more thrills for our protagonists.

Check out the series on Diisney+ and onMBC.

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