What are you playing this weekend? 13 August

Image: Massive Monster The heat rekindled, and tried desperately to get into the house. There are some pictures of all the Nintendo Direct shows in the Nintendo Switch! A few weeks later, Kirbys Dream Buffet's release date was rolled out. There is an impressive Metroidvania with cats, so a hand-drawn painting there is, as well.

Image: Massive monster

The heat has returned, and after many attempts, we would stay in the house here at Nintendo Life. We have a new-look of all the games shown off in the Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct. Later on, looked very peckish on Kirbys Dream Buffet. The Metroidvania’s beautiful hand-drawn artwork shows cats coming to Switch later this month!

Speaking of Splatoon 3, some of us in the team were a little anxious about the future sequel, but this Direct may’ve alleviated our worries. We spoke to the indie team behind the crime hit Cult of the Lamb and poked fun at the bad animal crossing comparisons. And if you really don’t like Krookodile, you can easily say that this writer is a big crocodile fan, so what is your favourite Pokemon about?

Now is the time to chill out and discuss our weekend gaming plans. Enjoy!

Kate Gray, a writer at the office, writes a book.

I’m running up for Gabel this weekend. I bought a few visually interesting novels during the recent eShop sale 13 Sentinels and Danganronpa 1 and 2, and I still have to finish the AI: The Somnium Files, but they’re on hold, after I saw the reviews for Cult of the Lamb. I mean, I was excited about it. And then I got to the art director’s studio, and I was more excited. I love cute stuff and murder people to cheer upon my chthonic patron deity.

Oh, and Portal 2. I made the Portal 1 for Backlog Club already.

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Olie Reynolds, staff writer, is a staff writer.

Okay, so I am about 10 hours into Xenoblade Chronicles and I’ve just finished Chapter 2. God bless you, what a game! Even if the cutscenes and the battles at the end of Chapter 2 had risen, the final of any other game could have remained unforgettable – it was the final story of a horror game. It’s an understatement to say that it has its claws in me, and I can’t even imagine that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was going to gobble up my life for weeks, could that be months.

It’s really for me to play this weekend. I’m going to dive into Complete Witcher on my Kindle, because I recently managed to buy it at an Amazon for a total of 99p. It was good so far! In all likelihood, I’m still only on the first book. So, I’m not enough in this story yet, but it’ll take a little time.

Jim Norman, staff writer.

This weekend I’m going to look at new homes for a new place, so Moving Out feels like a good afternoon’s play while I prepare for the day. As much as you see the professional athletes getting some shots in early to wake up, I will be shouting op in front of my co-op, just passing me my freaking box! (Editors note that you aren’t playing Jim Is Moving Out!

As for Live a Live I’m excited to dive in this world. But despite loving the time you have played, I feel like I haven’t given it the time it deserves. Which better way to take a break from the stress of housing than with the lush sound of Yoko Shimomuras.

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Alana Hagues, a writer for staff at work, said he threw her hands.

This week that your guessed more Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In a week, I had completed a whole chapter. But it’s just ridiculous. I’m in chapter 5 now and I still have great time with this game. I’ve been trying harder, harder and more, and recruit all the heroes, and explore almost every inch of every map. But the new area that I’ve just reached is huge. I think that it’ll be another three hours until the end of the chapter, but not before the end of the game. Like Eunie would say, its sparkin good!

That’s pretty much all that keeps me out of the heat this weekend keep me warm and safe, folks. Drink plenty of water, and eat some more ice cream.

Again thanks for reading, as always.

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  • Kate Gray, director of staff at the college, writes a book.
  • Ollie Reynolds, writer for staff, is a staffer.
  • Jim Norman, a writer for staff.
  • Alana Hagues, a staff writer, said that her son, who also wrote and wrote the books, used to be the writers.