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ABBREVIATIONS AND THEY MEANINGS Aug 13, 2022 at six-thirty old TV talks about what an audience does when people talk about a movie or show - but you have never heard that expression. We tell you what the meaning means and how you use it yourself. What does film mean? I'm a writer. I'm a producer and in another shit.


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TV is talking about the character of the show. Did you know that or that? We tell you what it means and how you use it yourself.

What’s the meaning of film? (Source: rosipro/archives.com)

There’s a cast of movie or television series.

In film jargon, the actors refer to the actors who participated in the films or series. If one of the series is one of the sitcoms, the actor’s name is usually introduced in the intro. There are films with an intro to tell you the main characters. Some of the other cast, a supporting and a small actor, aren’t typical for the credits.

This is how Cast is used.

You can also use the English term cast if you want to talk about the film or the series. This is the use of the e-book. This cast describes everybody involved in front of the camera. The people behind the camera are called the crew, who are responsible for technological, costumes and makeup, or the production team, and include the showrunner.


Those were the words of the quiz: What does IDK, BFF and Co mean? Check your knowledge.

What does it mean for you?

Here are some examples of how you could use the term cast.

  • The film has really a great cast. One top actor is next to another!
  • In the new series, men are more women than men.
  • I’m beyond grateful and fortunate to become a member of the leading cast’s biopic.

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