11 more interesting games are on sale on the Weekend Sale

The week was really fun: With Cult of the Lamb, Farthest Frontier and Marvels Spider-Man, there were 3 games that have absolutely nothing to be found in your library. Even though you want spiders, lambs or building strategies, you'll find fresh supplies in the weekend sale. An amount of games are repeated this weekend on [e]

The week was actually exciting enough to be successful: Cult of the Lamb, Farthest Frontier and Marvels Spider-Man there were three games that definitely have a place in your library. However, if you don’t like spiders, lambs, or building strategies, you might find fresh supplies on the weekend sale.

Some games on Steam and GOG are now reduced this weekend. We picked what we think is the best offer for you and will give you a look at it.

When it comes to the weekend, you still can play a free game on Epic Games. More information about Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 can be found here:

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Gratis bei Epic:

Who is the free game worth it for?

The Highlight of the weekend: LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga.


There haven’t been so much Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga on the test.

Genre: The Age of Action | Developer: The World Tennis Games | Release: 05.04.2022 | Price: 35 dollars (Steam, 30 percent reduced)

In fact, 30 percent doesn’t necessarily sound big. To date, there are still reasons why Lego’s Skywalker is a highlight this weekend. On the one hand, the action-adventure is about four months old, meaning the discount is not enormously low, but on the other hand, its just Star Wars.

The latest LEGO Star Wars novels are definitely classic AAA titles. Developer TT Games implemented all nine major episodes of the Star Wars story. Of course, nothing is missed, but you’ll get lost in one’s time, with many symbols like a brick. Of course, that fun of the Lego series remains important, because it can’t work without slapstick.

And playable? For example, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker opens up to modern day accomplishments even though it doesn’t all work. I test this: you can find out more about it.

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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker’s quest:

Almost all the stones were in the way.

Steamen sale for THQ Nordic.

But not only is Lego reduced, but also lots of games by THQ Nordic. It’s certainly not too surprising to watch The publishers digital show with many announcements. What really a profitable market, we’ll tell you in a further article.

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Big Steam price from THQ:

The editors gave 7 personal recommendations.

Big sale at GOG.

In addition to usual weekend offers and THQ selling, GOG is running a large sale in which many exciting games are reduced. You can find out which games we recommend most in this article if we don’t understand how this game works.

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Big sell at GOG:

Five editorial recommendations.

More exciting offers for the weekend!

Aside from our highlight and the GOG, and the THQ Nordic sale, there are also more offers in the respective platform. Here are several recommended items.

  • Medieval rebellion: Three types of warfare are all combined in this medieval puzzle. If you want a mix of building strategy, role-playing and survival, you’ve got right. (21 dollars, 30,6 percent on Steam)
  • The simulation game isn’t only available to the basic players, but also a number of additional features. We will also clarify which of these is worth a thousand words in separate articles. 5 dollars, reduced to 75 percent on Steam)

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A new perspective is being given on this subject.

The Sims 4: Which expansions are definitely worth it in 2022?

  • A series of foxfish: Spiders that loses its wings in fantasy, but still with plenty of unrivalled humor. (45 dollars, Steam price reduced by 25%)
  • Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen: Role-playing game from Capcom, which is in fact the best game of the PC and will take you a bit more time to play. (5 dollars, Steam reduced by 84 percent)
  • Recycling: Co-op based action-adventure in which you can solve a number of puzzles in physics together. 6 dollars, 50 percent reduced on Steam)
  • The Arkham Collection is numbered 5 – 6 o’clock, but this collection contains only Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight, plus DLCs. Arkham Origins isn’t included. 9 dollars, reduced by 80 percent on Steam)
  • Second world off: After the fall of many years of civilization, it is your mission to build new settlements and protect the remaining people from various dangers. (9 dollars, 70% reduction at GOG)

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More on this matter.

You build strength against the losses.

  • Stronghold Crusader HD: Graphically a little plus expensive new version of the castle strategy game from the times of the Crusades. Two dollars, 80% reduction on Steam).
  • Doing so: Survival involves a role-playing element from the standpoint of the iso, so you produce and build new equipment, or you can set up entire outposts for free. If it cost 11 dollars (for Steam, this is 30 percent less)
  • Dawn of God: This strategy game is based on a scenario, set in the early days of human history, where survival is paramount. (three dollars, for example) at GOG.

Price comparison offers.

Play/store/game. Steam GOG Humble Gamesplanet LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker saga. 34,99 Euro 49,99 Euro 34,99 Euro Medieval Dynasty 20,99 Euro 22,49 Euro 29,99 Euro Die Sims 4 – 5:17 4,99 Euro Tiny Tinas Wonderlands are just as wonderful. 44,99 Euro 59,99 Euro 53,99 Euro Dragons Dogma: A rose to Dark Earth. 4,79 Euro 29,99 Euro 29,99 Euro 4,80 Euro Biped 5,62 Euro 12,49 Euro 12,49 Euro 11,24 Euro Batman: Arkham Collection 8,99 Euro 59,99 Euro 8,99 Euro Endzone: A World Apart from that. 29,99 Euro 9,00 Euro 29,99 Euro Stronghold Crusader HD for all. 7,99 Euro 1,59 Euro 7,99 Euro 1,60 Euro Dysmantle 19,99 Euro 11,00 Euro An evening of light, a night is set. 20,99 Euro 12,59 Euro 20,99 Euro

Whether GOG Sale, THQ Nordic Offers or the Weekend Sale: Have you got a new game these days or are the discount campaigns keeping you cold?

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  • Highlight of the weekend: Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga!
  • Steam sale for THQ Nordic.
  • For sale at GOG, I have big cash.
  • We’re making more exciting offers for the weekend!