20 Most Popular Books Like Lord of the Rings (including series)

This trilogy is a great gateway to fantasy literature, and a staple of every modern reading list. The Lord of the Rings series is very popular in its popularity that its fanbase is still growing since it was published in the first place. But where should we turn when you're going to be. 10 Best Books: a tyrene, plus Less.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a modern textbook. The Lord of the Rings series is so popular that its fan base is still growing as of today, as it was published first. But where should you turn to after you’re done with this classic?

There are many series and standalone novels in fantasy genre, but only a few of them can be close to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you want to continue exploring fantasy novels and don’t know where to begin, check out this article. It has a list of 20 novels and series to read after you’re finished with Lord of the Rings. Read the 20 best books like Lord of the Rings.

1. The Bitterbynde Trilogy has been recorded.

The Bitterbynde Trilogy is the first series on this list of best books, such as Lord of the Rings. The Bitterbynde Trilogy is a very popular fantasy series written by the Australian writer Cecilia Dart-Thornton, with three books: The Ill-Made, The Lady of the Sorrow and The Battle of Evernight.

The series follows an unnamed mute imprisoned in the tower with the greatest ambition to be free. The foundling goes on a quest for history, a name and destiny without memories and little hope.

The Ill-Made Mute exposes mythologists to an epic fantasy story and a memorable character that will explore the story of the British Isles’ ancient mythology.

One of the most respected aspects of the series is the roots of British folklore. Although the book is rich and so interesting that it is read, it should be prepared for the classic fairytale ending.

Is the Lord of the Rings difficult or hard to read?

2. The Well at the World End is the last.

The Well at the Worlds End article written by A.J. Mackinnon might be the best choice for readers looking for something like the Lord of the Rings series because it was one of its inspirations for it.

The Well at the Worlds End, published in 1896 and widely seen as the predecessor of modern medieval and high fantasy, is a great story of romance and adventure that impacted Tolkiens writing.

If you enjoy the archaic language, you can learn from Ralph of Upmeads, the younger brother of the King’s journey to find the Well.

The most interesting section of the book goes into question how hell do do with the power he gained after finding the cup of truth and wisdom?

3. Dragonsbane

Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly is an exceptionally interesting fantasy book. It has many magical elements such as magic and magic creatures.

People are very unique, considering the characters. Most of these characters are similar to those you would find in a fantasy novel. Most books have a high value for this change of pace, and most readers say that is one of the books that sells.

If you’re looking for a novel that uses character-based escapism and uses character-stapes to draw a plot, the Dragonsbane is the perfect book for you like the Lord of the Rings series.

4. Those new series are Wheels of Time.

The Wheel of Time is a series by Robert Jordan, who is highly praised for its worldbuilding. The characters are very well-developed making the story very immersive. Leaving the books unintentionally, it’s difficult to put them down once you take a few minutes to read them. And what better thing is, Wheel of Time is not like Lord of the Rings.

It’s accompanied by Jordan’s writing style often described as easy to read and with a unique style that makes it stand out among other similar books.

The first book begins with Rand, Mat and Perrin, three peasant lads, escaping from shadowspawn and the Dark Ones shattered troops. They meet Moiraine, a strong Aes Sedai who informs them that the Dark One is plotting to destroy the Wheel of Time.

The Wheel of Time: Chronological Reading Order.

They quickly realize that they are the only ones who could stop the Dark wreaking havoc on the planet. But what’s really possible is that, they can make it.

The series is an entertaining read; the only thing that the readers should be prepared for is the fact that the series is a whole line of 15 books, but if you don’t have time to read it, it will definitely be worth it.

5. The Inheritance Cycle.

The Inheritance Cycle series is best known for its first book, Eragon. Many people were watching the movie adaptation, but still few have read this book.

The Inheritance Cycle is in a world filled with dragons and dragon riders along with many different magical creatures. For instance, when the character comes to the wilder egg, the person who’s caught a dragon egg is familiar to the tribe of the famous Dragon Riders.

He must fight Galbatorix, a tyrannical king and save humans, elves, Urgals, and warriors alike from death in this action-packed tale of magic, love and battle.

If it sounds interesting, this book is often described as one of the best magic fantasy novels that marked many childhoods. Our list of feces like Lord of the Rings wouldn’t be the same without it.

6. The Graceling Realm was created by Graceling.

The Graceling Realm, written by Kristin Cashore, is one of the best fantasy series with a female protagonist. God believes that the power of Grace is our greatest force. His force is to find truth and full advantage.

Katsa is a Graceling, one of those few people in her country who have extraordinary abilities. He’s capable of kicking off a guy with his hands. In contrast to living a luxury life, Katsa is forced to work as a daffodilator.

This interesting arc makes the movie so captivating. This is why many people love this movie. If the plot sounds interesting, then it’s really a good idea to check it out.

7. The Kingkiller Chronicles are the authors.

The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss is a typical fantasy series full of traditional fantasy tropes. She is a teen who lives to the heros for hero, with a large company of traveling actors to her orphanage in a crime-ridden city, and the hero has his own words. She was a bold teacher, who wanted to be a magician.

The Kingkiller Chronicles is a fantasy story about a child who grows up to become the most famous magician he has ever seen in the world, written with a poet’s hand.

Although the series is not very attractive when it comes to originality, it’s very easy to read, since the language that the author uses is so immersive and easy to follow.

This series isn’t finished yet. Nevertheless, it’s not right for you to skip it. If you’re inpatient, but want to see this series with you, you can always wait to see more books published.

8. The Throne of the Crescent Moon’s moon is a throne.

This is the Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed, a series from which fans likened the novels to Robert E. Howard and Conan. Look for a novel set in the medieval European setting that keeps the treacherous of any high-fantastic tale.

This series is inspired by Middle East culture. It’s really a refreshment from the fantasy genre offered to the readers. If you read many fantasy novels, this series will change the world for you.

9. The Seven Realms Series is available.

The series Seven Realms by Cinda Williams Chima is another one praised for being set in a highly developed fantasy world. The story starts a whole new generation, but the characters have the most to play.

Because the two characters are both very different, the series is the best part.

Why Is the Lord of the Rings so popular?

When Han came from different worlds, elternative father of the Raggers and princess Raisa, the Fells heir to the throne, and it was made in a war of alter-fashioned agreements, to draw the horizons of the clan, the sexes, and the re-decoration.

This whole relationship also becomes a lie between the two of them not knowing each other and the realms trembling in fear of the two of them meeting, which is a very interesting read for fantasy fans who prefer stories focusing on the characters. If you like highly-developed worlds like the Lord of the Rings, you should certainly check this out.

10. Abhorsen Trilogy and his descendants will tell me.

The Abhorsen Trilogy is really more a little darker than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but the material the author says is quite similar. Both of these are amazing worlds, filled with interesting characters that can be bound by a magical event.

The series immerses readers in a world where the barrier between the living and the dead is blurred – if not totally erased. Sabriel, who is the main character of the young kid, goes to the state of Alcestierre and the old kingdom by chance, where free magic reigns supremely and the Dead refuse to die.

When her father, Abhorsen, the despise culpable that controls the passage to Death, goes missing, she must enter the Old Kingdom and embark on a dangerous journey to find him, as well as stop the evil known as Kerrigor, who is horribly ill on destroying the Old Kingdom and Alcestierre beyond the wall.

If you are prepared for the darker tone and the plot, you should be aware of this book.

11. Thomas Covenant’s Chronicles are all about that.

Even though it may not seem like a fantasy series, it makes for an extremely entertaining read. The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant written by Stephen R. Donaldson follows Thomas, an unhelpful writer who wants to become a society’s outcast.

His behavior and his ill-being have all contributed to his isolation. He may be unattached to this world, but he’s going to become a hero of another World Heritage group.

Thomas finds himself fighting evilful beings in this alternate universe, namely the Despiser, who wants revenge for being convicted of his imprisonment.

His paths are unlike other heroes who are solely focused on doing good. Thomas recognizes that good and evil must exist in nature as a side of a coin, but he doesn’t allow evil to triumph.

This exactly conflict makes this series so interesting. Many fantasy novels have a clean-cut dynamic between good and evil characters, so a story that acknowledges that things are a bit different in the real world can be quite a refreshment from traditional fantasy novels.

12. The legend of Drizzt stands.

The Legend of Drizzt by R.A. Salvatore is another name on this list with amazing worlds, where it happens. The society that was founded has got a lot of meaning, so it makes the reader feel connected to the story in a plethora of chapters.

This is a story of the protagonist of Drizzt, a male elf, born into a matriarchal culture, desperate to escape Menzoberranzans tyrannical regime. He converts into a warrior-hero and goes on adventures often perilous, with his friends.

Every one of Drizzts is explained in a massive series. He’s a very good character, so he’s even playing the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons.

It isn’t often used to be heard of as a story, since there aren’t many fanatics who actually read whole series, since a book made out of 38 books is very intimidating, but those who read it agree it was worth it.

13. A dragon and a tree are the winds.

In our list of books like Lord of the Rings, the sword and the wind play are written by Noriko Ogiwara. Saya is the main character of The Dragon Sword and the Wind Child series, and has a teen. She ignored the battle between forces of light and evil until she discovers she is a reincarnated priest of the Goddess of Dark.

The Lord of the Rings writer will like the reluctant protagonist and the conflict of feelings between light and dark, although it was worth noting that light and dark in this novel are only meaning good and evil, and have been characterized as atmospheric.

It’s interesting to see if the twist on the very clear and often obscure roles in a fantasy novel, combined with Japanese origins make this story a favorite among the other works on this list.

14. Word of rock, sang and made it happen.

The song of stone by L. Penelope’s new book introduces us to the magical system of earthsingers and Silent, as well as two warring planets separated by a frail curtain called the Mantle.

Jasminda encounters a spy from the other side of the mantle and discovers the separation has crumbled, destroying the peace, and annihilating many lives.

Song of Blood and Stone wrote a compelling story with strong characters, focused on issues of race, homophobia, respectability, xenophobia and more, and constructing an enviable fantasy world.

If you need an imaginative novel that is not only interesting but also on serious issues, then this is the right series.

I read tolkiens Middle-earth Books by Order of Reading.

15. Wizards of the Moonsea.

Although The Lord of the Rings is a vast epic, The Witch of Earthsea is a rather similar tale to the Hobbit, that it follows Ged, a young wizard who must be careful with the terrible consequences of his ignorance and pride.

Many avid fantasy readers often compare these two series, even if they say they are as important for the fantasy genre. However, since A Wizard of Earthsea is often overlooked, many people don’t even know about them.

Most of the people who read this book will agree that it is absolutely worth reading, especially after the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Le Guin is the most famous fantasy writer of modern life. He often gets involved in discussions about the great worldbuilders.

The world’s extremely immersive and the characters in which it occurs are all well developed and follow through an arch of redemption. The storylines focus mostly on characters, their personal stories and growth, but none of the responsibilities in this series will take away. If you like Lord of the Rings or any other work, it should be another episode of Tolkiens.

16. Aurora Rising

The story of the Aurora Rising series is set in space, but there are pretty few fantasy elements in it. It may be one of the best books, if this aren’t yet the case, that Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff may be the best follow-up books on the list.

So as As His Rings, this series concentrates on a group of characters who had all the dreads in achieving a common goal that had much to do with defeating evil forces.

Aurora Rising has an imminent future and follows a bedraggled group of cadets led by the academy’s crown jewel, a student called Tyler, who resents his own feelings of heroism. He is late for graduation.

The gang soon is reunited around a bizarre mystery known as telekinesis, conspiracy and a girl who’s been under cyber-spirit for centuries.

17. An Ember in the Ashes is the anaesthetic of the Ember.

In The Ashes Laia and Elias, the slave and the soldier of the Martial Empire are the main protagonists. They investigate evil forces driving brutality. Their quests reveal a peculiar combination of unpleasant people and old magic.

The sequel To The Age of the Ashes contains all the fantasy novels that are to say what a fantasy novel should have: a well-created world with unique characters based on very different motives, and where the plot is the shining point of this particular series.

A certain story will begin with a few chapters and often they may not be resolved. Nevertheless, it’s always common for readers to receive answers at a time when they have already forgotten about them.

That unforeseen situation makes it difficult for you to let the book out of your hands. That’s why you should add it to your reading list.

18. Sought the Crown for the Crown.

His mother stands in a wall of limbs and stands up to his side. In the same league as his father, who goes of the Ring, where it’s in the main character of the ring, the unexpected he does.

Although Zacharias and Prunella are scorned for their race and sexuality, the reintroduction of magic to England is in their skilled hands. The political intrigue of the Regency era is combined with a mystical realm and a clever characterization to create an extremely complicated and fascinating book.

Although she often brings up the book, it can be very easy to read since the plot is faster than a traditional fantasy book. Most of those who read it often mentioned that the piece encapsulated their emotions and quickly reawakened them.

The villain of this series, despite the lillustrious nature of that series, is tense and scary, that doesn’t come from a magical beast, – rather, as a corrupt bureaucracy and that’s something of a type in the fantasy genre.

19. Silmarillion

Silmarilion is one of the early work of Tolkiens. This is a mythological recollection of Arda, and the history of Middle-earth, where the Lord of the Rings takes place.

Reading this piece is something many Lord of the Rings fans usually do after finishing the original trilogy. It is also easy to find anything else that could have interested the readers from the first trilogy of the Lord of the Rings.

While the stories were written to read like folktales and legends from our own way, they also include sufficient details for fans and historians to write some hundreds, if not thousands, of pages about the events, people and mythology involved.

This is the real worth of the Tolkiens edifice, The Silmarillion, which builds on anything that has happened outside of Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien never finished writing everything he had planned for his death, therefore the work put into the novel extended his lifetime. Since his son, Christopher, has finished it.

To be fair, the book is a little difficult to read. The way he was written is more complex than a typical fantasy novel. The reading time is often expensive and often overlooked because it lacks the same mainstream popularity as the rest of Tolkiens works.

Despite this reading, it’s worth all of this in the end, and it’ll enrich your Lord of the Rings experience.

20. The Hobbit

Speaking about all of the Tolkiens works, the second series to the list is a prequel for The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit. The series follows Bilbo Baggins with his adventures often mentioned in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I am writing about the series as a whole and, as it is, I feel like being a whole other series, but it is a completely entertaining one.

It’s much lighter than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, making it easier to read it. This is due to the fact that the series was written rather than for kids.

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