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The trailer of THQ Nordic centered on virtues that Alone in the Dark will have The book — One of the movie's survival horrors adored by fans of the genre — is coming back. We collected most of the original trilogy so that we could diffuse the rumors about that announcement of Alone in the Dark.

THQ Nordic showed a trailer where we contemplate the virtues that Alone in the Dark will have.

One of the franchise’s survival horror like adored by fans of this genre is back. Since we’ve collected most of the original trilogy, we can diffuse the rumors that there were about this announcement of Alone in the Dark and see for yourself what all that has been said in this reimagining of the saga. While we visit places already known to those who enjoyed the original trilogy, we will be living a whole new story. There are many options to explore and this tension in the environment, which has been hugely storming over us for over 15 years.

The interactive works supported by Nordic THQ are the tasked part of the project to revive this horror game. In the video shown, and in this to restart we will live an X-person adventure with the camera on your shoulder. We will play detective Edward Carnby, who solves the mysterious disappearance of Emily Hartwood’s aunt. It won’t be easy, because the places where we will visit will be full of mysteries, huge residents and animals from hell itself. Could we solve this problem?

It’s going to allow the Xbox 2 series X/S, PS5, although the release date isn’t yet revealed. For more information on the game and what other news it’s including, visit its official website.