After the ark of the rainbow, a catastrophe unfolds in the eclipse

Ubisoft regularly distributes new games in Rainbow Six Extraction in response to crisis events. The second issue starts with the eclipse and it starts with you in the darkness. The third round of the "Kirth of the Witch" takes place in the event of the Superlights series; Eclipse will be available in the action game from now until September 1st. Sometimes operators are forced to move on.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft occasionally delivers new gameplay. The next issue starts with the Eclipse and will go into the darkness.

The third crisis event in Rainbow Six Extraction is called Eclipse and is available for the action game now until September 1st. Sometimes operators become extremes, while new threats lurk in three areas.

In the map of the Truth of Consequences, the darkness surrounds you: the Neoplasm. This threat emits pulses that can detect movements within a radius. In each subzone, a silent takedown will help weaken the neoplasm. If there is movement, the Neoplasm will flee to the next subzone and it will become increasingly difficult for you to see it again.

To make progress from above, you must return the power of the generator without facing the archaea onslaught. It’s reached its peak in the third region of the country, where there must be enough proof of destruction and the neoplasm.

When faced with the disaster, the new operator Echo has also been joining the REACT team. To become recognized for his efficient gathering of information, he can be a huge player in Eclipse and the main game, and he’ll be useful for teams too. Yokai Drone screams that can send a video message to him and resuscitates ultrasonic pulses that disorient all targets hit. The Aura Grenade enables the unlocking of a new ARLAK gdit. To accomplish this, you must complete the task. Perform 50 stealth kills against different archaea species.

All new content from a moment to time: 1:15.

  • The Aura Grenade is the new Gadget.
  • The new operator: Echo
  • New decoration products are available now.
  • New Neoplasm enemies are found in the universe.
  • Themed charms can be kept on.
  • Add more XP to progress towards milestones.

Rainbow Six Extraction New Crisis Event: Eclipse Trailer.

In Rainbow Six Extraction you can experience a new crisis event with Eclipse.