All bonuses and discounts are up until August 17, 2022

If you started playing GTA Online, you may wonder what you can do in Los Santos these days, but the truth is, we will bring you the answer, so in the following guide you'll get all the bonuses, discounts and much more that will be available until August 17, []; and this will be the kind of thing that we'll do in Los Santos if the last time you enter a game.

If you play GTA Online, you may wonder what you can do in Los Santos during these days, but the best thing is to bring you the answer, because in the following guide we will tell you the all the perks, discount and much more that will be available until August 17, 2022.

All bonuses and discounts remain till August 17 2022.

Podium Vehicle

The Diamond Casino and the Resort are all activities and you can use this casino to create a special prize like the $16,000,000 token, a jewelry and a gift for the podium car.

To buy for free, things to get on condition.

Los free items They always save us money without paying for them. Most attentive to these guides that you use for the use of a cap, a t-shirt and a car.

Exclusive Bonuses to the PS5 and Xbox series.

Whoever uses the PS5 and Xbox 360 Series X/S versions may access these perks, available at Haos Special Works:

  • time trial: This weeks race will get you to the dumpy trailer park of Stab City from the old industrial facility in Textile City.
  • The S95 is in perfect shape for test. You can compare everything and buy it.

Bonuses and reward additions.

There are several games you can’t ignore, given that thanks to them you’ll receive special bonuses to take away more money and reputation points than usual.

  • Hidden treasures: Better get your explorer to work out! Knowing how to store hidden treasures on the island of Cayo Perico gives you lots of money and reputation value.
  • Three new races titled Land, Sea and Air of Cayo Perico will bring double money and reputation points to all participants.


Pfister 811

In the sales section, we observe that the bunkers cost more than normal, while the ammunition costs more, and the clothes to walk around the house have 50 cent discount. However, they have also reduced their price: Isn’t there a problem with these cars?



Precio Original

discount price

Enus Cognoscenti




Enus’ Super-Dilda is a big deal.




Enus Windsor drops.




Grotti Charred




HVY Tiled




Ocelot Penetrator




Pfister 811




Progenital Italy TBI




Progen T20




Shitzu Defiler




Vapid Imperator (Arena)




Vapid FMJ




Bonus con Prime Gaming.

Finally, those who subscribed to Prime Gaming and have linked their account to the Rockstar Games Social Club must join the game anytime during the week for free.

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    • A bonus for PS5 and Xbox Classics.
    • Earn a lot of cash and a lot of money.
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    • Bonus and a play for the money.
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