All of the new updates of Next Sim 22 are in a glance

The third time, Aerosoft organized its own trade fair called Next Sim. A true name, everything revolves around the upcoming simulations from the European publisher. If you're trying to catch up on the Stream, don't worry about it. We shorten the live stream for you for approximately 45 minutes and introduce you to the most exciting [] world of the art.

For the third time, Aerosoft organized its own trade fair called Next Sim. Like the name, everything revolves around current and coming simulation games from the European publishers.

If you run the Stream, don’t worry. We look at the 45-minute live stream for you and introduce you to the most exciting new announcements.

Besides: On Steam, there aren’t always a lot of serious simulators. There are also very wacky projects that we have kept an eye on for you.

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What else does that have to be said?

The most absurd simulators on Steam are the most expensive.

SubwaySim Hamburg


The engine 5: SubwaySim Hamburg Wants to impress visually with the elevated train simulation.

NextSim 22 starts with the announcement of SubwaySim Hamburg, which was developed in cooperation with Hamburger Hochbahn AG. In this way you can ride the U3 line of the elevatord train and pass the DT5 train station. The developers promise authentic replicas of the 20.7 kilometers of the town, which will pass some of Hamburg’s sights.

New technic: SubwaySim Hamburg is created with the Unreal Engine 5 and should, therefore, be especially detailed. You can watch the trailer with a teaser above. The release will be delayed a little longer. SubwaySim Hamburg is scheduled to appear until the first half of 2023.

City Bus Manager.


City bus director: If you study economic simulation, you are able to become the largest bus company.

Do you ever take the bus regularly? Have you been upset a lot lately? It will come back soon that you’ll know the city’s bus. With the simulated economic simulation from the developer PeDeBe, who created OMSI DLCs for two years ago, you formed your own bus company in an renowned city of your choice.

Keep up with the hiring of new employees, create timetables, and maintain buses, all by himself and more. Let’s finally get a good rating from the passengers so you can gradually make your company bigger and stronger.

Real data: The City Bus Manager uses OpenStreetMap data and is in fact able to drive through real roads, along with real bus trips. You can of course adjust them optionally, and you shouldn’t follow them.

In the release, the City Bus Manager appears later this year. However, there’s no exact date yet.



City Driver: In this simulation you should be able to drive in Munich properly.

The third new announcement from Aerosoft is CityDriver, which is a new language in a big city. In the event you want to find out more, this is Munich, which you can drive easily with different cars.

It’s not just pure driving but it also means you can get to the meeting point and execute tasks. You should also train in the driving school, so you don’t continue in Munich traffic.

CityDriver is scheduled to launch in early access on Steam in the near future. This is still open all the time.

More Announcements

Along with the major new announcements, Aerosoft released a few updates to the current lineup, as well as the developer studios. We narrowly and concisely summarize this for you.

  • The bus: For the bus simulation, which takes place entirely in Berlin, there is a new line that passes the Mercedes-Benz Arena, and 4 new buses.
  • Winter Resort Simulator 2: Just just as the season starts, Riedstein will have a new DLC, which includes a new game world, three new cable cars and 3rd person skier mode for single player and multiplayer.
  • Heavy Cargo: Unfortunately, heavy transport simulations shift a bit. The game should be starting in 2022, but yet there is no date as to end 2022.
  • Heavy Duty Challenge: HDC also suffers similar fate, because the off-road game with heavy trucks won’t be released until 2023, but not this year.
  • Emergency 112 (Assault Squad): A spin-off for a console where you’ll start directly with the Assault Squad, as is the title. It is still in the prototype phase, but it isn’t yet still in the prototype phase.

Can you learn to play? Can it work? In our article, we present twelve games that are some of their uses: in this case: in some way: at least one of the games.

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Every beginner will give an excellent guide to learning.

Are you happy with the announcements of the NextSim 22 or did the simulations give you the coldest response?

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