Apple invested millions in podcast studios, and delivered his services to a perfect future exclusivity package

Apples slowing business equities have become evident in recent months, but that doesn't mean the company isn't making the move. He recently signed a contract with a production company called Futuro Studios to provide exclusive content in this format and a long term rights to something so important.

The slowing pace of American mergers has become evident in recent months. But it doesn’t mean the company isn’t making the deal. When he became known for his cooperation, he signed a contract for Futuro Studiosa, for the production of podcasts, to publish it over this time a limited portion of this content and a long term legal agreement.

No matter what, it is inexpensive.

It’s been Bloomberg who told the news: Apple will put money in the creation of podcasts and, in exchange, Futuro Studios will give it the right to the first company to convert this podcast into a movie or series. Naturally, the only way to launch it on Apple TV+ would be more, wouldn’t it?

With this, Apple puts forth its faith in podcasts as a source of ideas and scripts for his Apple TV+ catalog. The source says that from Cupertino they would already talk to other studios to have similar deals, racking up original content rights now that the market has become saturated with prequels and sequels.

Interestingly, the selling price of these rights depends on the studio’s price. However, we need a lot less money to gain the license to earn a successful franchise. As it may sound, it costs one thousand dollar of an estimated $50 billion to hold MGM movies (including the James Bond movie), too.

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