Can Tales of The Walking Dead Canon & How it’s Connecting?

The Walking Dead, released in 2010, has become very popular, so it was only a matter of time that AMC was going to pay homage to this series. That said, it has created the entire fictional universe on its own and has paved the way for mankind. Do you remember The Walking Dead and that hardly matter? Read More!

Since the Walking Dead’s release in 2010 almost every franchise was so popular and big that it was only a matter of time until this series went on to go on with its huge popularity. That said, the movie created an entire fictional universe on its own and paved the way for more series that are based on the main show. The latest series in the Walking Dead franchise is Tales Of The Walking Dead, which is an anthology series. But, is a story of the Walking Dead a canon?

The story of the Walking Dead is an odour because it is connected to the identical universe. With the exception of The Walking Dead, it is not possible to use comics as the source material of the universe. In fact, one episode is Alpha.

Anthologies that are not popular on the whole universe happen in any part of the canon universe when anthologies are not unique. That’s where Tales of The Walking Dead enters as a canon anthology series that embraces its roots, and pays tribute to The Walking Dead. From the beginning of the movie’s title, here we can see what we know about The Walking Dead and its association with The Walking Dead.

Is the Walking Dead the One Canon?

The Walking Dead became one of the biggest fictional franchises we had ever seen on television because it changed the universe forever. The series has been around since 2010 and its popularity has only made it possible to expand into its own universe. It is no surprise that AMC made sure that all of its chips on The Walking Dead were worth a penny when he took the green light for some more projects that are grounded in the same universe.

As a result, there are now several different spin-offs to come from The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead universe has become bigger and larger, and the newest part of the universe is Dead Tales.

And compared to the other spin-offs, Tales Of The Walking Dead is an anthology series. That means that every episode of the story is a different story that follows different characters and who have to find a way to survive during the zombie apocalypse. And what does this mean for the story of The Walking Dead? Does The Walking Dead canon?

Anthologies are the truth: Whenever one episode tells a different story, and we know they’re simply not that real canons. Besides that, most anthologies have different writers and producers for each episode; thus, there is almost no continuity in the entire series of anthologies, not from the fact that the writers and director are allowed to be independent. There was the same case for Star Wars: Visions and The Boys Presents: Diabolical, both the anthologies that are not allowed to be combined into their own universes (except the last episode of Diabolical).

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With that, there may be some fans who think Tales of The Walking Dead isn’t able to the entire Walking Dead universe due to its fact that it is a series that is allowed to take a different approach in each episode. Being an anthology, there is no continuity between episodes and the relationships between them.

Tales of Walking Dead are essentially the same thing as the entire film franchise. It means that entire Walking Dead series is true to the fact that the universe overrun by zombies or walkingers is a canon.

The Walking Dead has become huge because the whole human population is devastated by the apocalyptic event. That means that all of the world went to hell in a fast manner. In addition, The Walking Dead has very interesting potential in different parts of the world – considering the US alone being too big for the whole parent series to cover. These spin-offs could tap that untapped potential by telling stories about the Walking Dead, which have been filmed in other areas.

What’s the story of the walking dead going together with the walking dead?

While the Walking Dead story is as simple as The Walking Dead, there is something more bigger than it is for its broader connection with The Walking Dead story. And that’s because there’ll be episodes on this film that would connect that to The Walking Dead.

The third episode of The Walking Dead will be about a character named Dee. For those who don’t know that Dee is the real name of Alpha, whom we first saw in Season 9 of The Walking Dead. And executive producer Channing Powell teased us of Alpha appearing in The Walking Dead.

There is Alpha, so obviously you get the return of this character, said Powell. After that, we peppered an extra few things true fans may recognize that they may not have had much time to complain about.

For those who forget, Alpha is the leader of a group of survivors called the Whisperers. They wear the skin of walkers so that they can eat and stay alive without being eaten. Likewise, the third episode of Tales Of The Walking Dead will help us learn more about Alpha and what happened in her past, before her birth.

Of course, Powell said there is something that would surprise true fans of The Walking Dead. It might be possible that they slipped in an Easter egg in one episode of Walking Dead to show how fans of the original series could be connected from the anthology to the parent storyline. Consequently, the connections are not possible. That is why we need to stop trying and catch some things that can connect the different episodes of Tales Of The Walking Dead and the Walking Dead and so on.