Characters & Vocal Casting of Psycho-Pass Providence

The The Ghost of the Revelation story was released last August 23.40 in Japan. Those writers got some news from the film's production, making a big impression among the fans that a new music video, titledPSYCHO STORY, was released in collaboration with the production I.G, with no other veteran star on the show returning to direct. It'll be too soon. Characters and voice casts from Psycho-Pass Providence Read More.

The book on the 10th anniversary was released on August 13 in 2022 in Japan. While the director announced that a new DVD with a picture of the theater called ‘Sylvio’ is scheduled to be released at Production I.G. It’s going to be the fourth Psycho-Pass movie, and from what we can guess it might be, it’s going to follow up on the post-credit scene of First Inspector.

What we’re going to tell you is a list of the most important Psycho-Pass characters who will make their return in the movie, and their voice actors will follow the anime series. He still doesn’t know all the characters, but the official poster has revealed that there are a lot of people, so we can deliver a great article! Below we will get a full perspective of each character before we understand each other.

CharacterVoice ActorAkane TsunemoriKana HanazawaShinya KogamiTomokazu SekiNobuchika GinozaKenji NojimaAtsushi ShindoTakayuki SugoMika ShimotsukiTakayuki SugoMika ShimotsukiTochiSho HinizukaKizuka ItoShion KaranomoriMiyuki SawashiroJ

Akane Tsunemori Kana Hanazawa Sakunaya yanzalakd changhai.

One inspector was assigned to unit 1. She decided to join the police for her high qualifications, not just because she was the only one who achieved a high score in that area, thus having a believe that she could not do so without a public security officer entering the public security office.

It has been shown that she has a high drinking, and a very clear psyche, which allows her to return quickly from situations that would greatly raise a normal person crime quotient. Despite Ginoza’s instructions, she refuses to treat the Enforcers in any special way, considering them partners. She has a problem understanding Shinya, enjoking her friends and other members of unit 1 to vote on the matter.

In Episode 13, she explains her decision to catch Makishima even if it means being demoted. to executor. She is an admirer for Kougami, and later, compared to her friendship, she is seeing more love than just friendship. In the epilogue, Akane became the de facto leader of unit one.

Shinya Kogami Tomokazu Seki, Shinya Kogami.

For the Unit 1 of the Public Security Task Force, an officer is in charge, and Akanes subordinate. He was once an inspector and girlfriend of Ginoza, but after the murder of Sasayama, an enforcer that he naively assigned to his charge oblivious to his decision to execute an investigation, he became obsessed with solving the crime and rapidly became an independent deportator. Even after that case was closed by her superiors, he continued to investigate it in her own interests.

His physical condition and his reflexes are more than average, so he often confronts the drones. He has an excellent instinct and a deductive ability, to bring attention to Makishimas. He eventually left the Unit 1 for only one hunter, and to kill Makishima. Ultimately he succeeds, but after Makishimas’ death, the Sybil system does not withdraw Kogamis for his neglect and delinquency. When the epilogue ends, he is revealed to be hiding.

Gongo Kaido Nomoka nijai Ayddnizki nojemoki nojema osomia, pojem ko rokup tejam sokotozkych satgsáboyi ozsunaa narodziu z mzoyriov

Veteran inspector and former partner of Shinya, with whom he remains friends even after his demotion. He is responsible for Unit 1 enforcement. Warm and cold-hearted, he believes strongly in the Sybil system. He constantly asks Ankane to draw a close border between inspectors and enforcers. Though he considered Akane a little out ofexperienced, he now believes she has the skills to become a great inspector, and she love it.

Both him and his old partner Shinya, and his father Tomomi (with whom he is unfit to maintain a bad relationship, despite being his only living relative) having both lost the position of inspectors and became to executors by having increased their crime rates. Although he’s tall, his frustration causes his crime rate to rise and be promoted, which is the possibility of further destruction in the future. I

n the epilogue, he was demoted to be enforcer despite his high criminal coefficient, a fate as Masaoka and Kogami’s.

Atsushi Shindo Takayuki Sugoya-Sushi Shindo Shulijihuki Sugoya (Supob) Mijeneb.

Atsushi Shindo was Arata Shindo’s father. After he discovered that he was criminally asymptomatic, he joined Bifrost as an inspector to help Arata out of the Sibyl system. He killed his brother, Akira Ignatov, and committed suicide.

Mika Shamotsuki Ayane Sakura.

The Ousou Women’s Academy is a student. All her childhood friends and her classmates were killed by Rikako Oryo. Two months after Makishimas death, she becomes the new inspector of the Unit 1. She disagrees with Akanes for an action.

The Psycho-Pass Providence Anime Film is due today.

Teppei Sugo Hiroki Tochi.

Teppei Sugo is a new force in Season 2. He is originally an Enforcer in Unit 2. He is in charge of a murder charge if he is executed in an apee, a crime problem after the torture in his own home. He is then transferred to Unit 1, where he is in conflict with Nobuchika, Risas close friend.

Teppei continues to help the team, in particular during an encounter at the drone factory where he worked before the Crime Coefficient began. The problem of the Plot-Task is a fact that Teppei became a military pilot before he was involved in a major crime epidemic.

Sho Hinakawa Takahiro Sakurai Takahiro Takahiri Takarai.

Sho Hinakawa was a new enforcer in Season 2. He generally acts a bit too timid and unrecognisable. He is a good analoger. In season three, Shion and he are the only one left in Unit one after a major overhaul of membership. He is in charge of the unit one, and still belongs to akane.

Frederica Hanashiro Takako Honda Honda, Honda and Honda.

Frederica Hanashiro is an assistant officer of the Foreign Minister’s Law Enforcement Division, which supervises international crimes, such as smuggling and terrorism. The department includes its own investigators and consultants led by Frederica, like Nobuchika Ginoza, Teppei Sugo and Shinya Kogami, former officers of Unit One.

She first appears in the book Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System to recruit Teppei and Shinya, and is known as a dirty worker of the State Department. She regular appeared in Season 3, collaborating with president Mika Shimotsuki of the Public Security Bureau, who is the direct partner of the two institutions who conduct ongoing investigations.

Yayoi Kunizuka Shizuka Ito

As a musician who has been allowed to practice his art by Sibyl, his passion is darkened by his PsychoPass, which is due to being imprisoned. Even though she is doing everything, she is in a mood to escape prison, by clearing up her Psycho-Pass, and refuses to do anything that Ginoza has tried to do. She chooses to help Unit 1 when a resistance group is in the old resort.

She finds a person (not allowed) who is resistant to the oracle Sibyl while the operation. Seeing as how it turns out her friend might end up being executed, Yayoi tries to regain his senses, but is not successful. So, she understands power is necessary and decides to become an enforcer. Kogami tells him that nobody has ever returned to custody, unless they’re an enforcer.

She and an analyst Konomori have an intimate relationship, but seemed to have no tenderness. At first, it looks like she’s too cold, but she’s not hostility to her colleagues except Tsunemori, who she thinks is smugglerically optimistic. Nevertheless, he seems full-distrusting her at the end of season.

Shion Karanomori Miyuki Sawashiro Shion Karanomori

An employee of the public safety department. Monitors the safety of team members and helps them by analyzing criminal data. She is a very strong person and looks brilliant. She also likes her flattery. She has a close relationship with Kunizuka Yayoi, and she has a bisexual relationship. Shion is very sensible and likes smoking. He is a horde, and his skill is helping the inspector on more than one occasion.

Joji Saiga Kazuhiro Yamaji, Kazuhiro.

Jouji Saiga is a criminal psychologist, former university professor and associate of the PSB, and a latent criminal who’s in a rehabilitation hospital. At the age of five, Dr. Saiga became a prominent researcher and respected author of numerous essays. It soon proved that this wasn’t a consequence of deliberate action, but of his teaching style; he conditioned his students to ask false truths and hypotheses, to take their own conclusions, and avoid dogma.

The result of these examinations was a reduced crime prevention rate. After leaving his professors, he retreated into isolation and lived in isolation. He helped Kogami and Akane, while hunting for Makishima. In the second season he directly participated in the practice of social worker associations. Saiga has formed close friendships with Akane, although he seems cold and disinterested.