Choose your playable Xbox game from the search bar

Google is rolling out Google searches to allow gamers to stream video games much faster. If, like many others, you search for movies or music, you're probably familiar with Google. Google offered you a section in the results of that, but that it shows the names of the platforms where the movie is said or [] it is said, in order to find the movies or music that you're searching for.

Google is rolling out Google Search update that lets gamers stream games even faster.

If you look for movies or music like many others, it’ll likely be interesting to know that Google a section in the results contains the names of the platforms where these movies or music are available. This function is very useful to find the job you want on the platforms. It works for video games in the cloud now.

Here are two examples of films with John Wick.

Google search has opened for cloud gaming.

Some users could have noticed that when searching for a game in the most popular search engine, the results have now showed multiple options. It seems to be working in Anglo-Saxon countries. That doesn’t seem to be the case yet in France.

If the click Play you’re taking, you’re the one who will enter the game right now. Now, Google searches know 4 different platforms: Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and of course the home platform Stadia.

As a joke, Google also indicates when the game you’ve been looking for is available for free, like Fortnite. Tom Warren (Athens) explained:

It’s great. Google lets you launch Nvidia Stadia, Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and GeForce Now games directly from search results. That’s a combination of power and ease of gaming in action.

Cloud gaming is taking up a lot more space, but is it just as ubiquitous?