CoD MW2 unveils a multiplayer map this time with real gameplay for the first time

In fact, the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 should not be revealed until September 15, when the big coD next event takes place. However, developer Infinity Ward seems to be starting to publish smaller teasers and bits of information in the near future. In a new post on Twitter and TikTok, the first multiplayer [official] game is on the first page.

But now, the multiplayer of call of duty: Modern Warfare can’t be revealed until September 15th, the big CoD Next Event takes place. But even infinity Ward is apparently starting to publish smaller teasers and pieces of information in advance.

In a new post on Twitter and TikTok, the first official multiplayer scene was surprisingly visible: the first.

Welcome to the Farm 18. Where is the order?

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This clip is about a minute long, but it shows a new map, a weapon and reveals a few interesting facts about the multiplayer design.

What is shown?

We see a true First-Person film of the game in a multiplayer environment. Previously, there were longer gameplay sections for the solo campaign.

The developers unveil the map farm 18 under a roof for military special forces, a tiny secret training ground on an abandoned factory whose site is partially latent and unoccupied.

This character travelled through the interior and exterior of the map and fires his weapon, which is an M4, that we have already identified with other weapon models from the other trailers and images.

What are the developers saying?

The multiplayer developer Geoff Smith says the aim is to combine the en-sit match of the MW 2019 shoothouse with a classic 6v6 map: a classic map: a combination of close quarters and close quarters: a unified map: a 4v6 and a 5-man model: the 5v6-scale map.

We put the shoothouse in the middle of the map, so to speak. If you want a crazy adventure, then you will find it there. If you prefer to go outside and play a different way, you may also do that on the farm 18 too.

Shoothouse is one of modern Warfares most popular cards because it combines fast, tough combat with an advanced 3-lane design.

The camper problem of his predecessor is addressed, and as discussed, make sure that there isn’t too much bush on the map, says an expert at mapwriting. The people will hide in corners if the vegetation is too thick. This industrial site doesn’t look overgrown. So we try to find a good balance here: It should look beautiful and realistic and then be fun.

Farm 18 is the second official unveiled map with the Grand Prix Marina Bay, first revealed to date. The map was set on the Formula 1 circuit.

The video is an expression of three facts that we can remove from the clip.

In addition to the statements made by the makers themselves, the video also shows some smaller but still exciting points.

  • Plan-Design: The birds-eye view of Farm 18 shows clearly that the developers are returning to the classic design with three lanes, d.h. clear paths and lines of sight in an even symmetrical structure. The labyrinthine layout of MW2019 is often criticized for its crannies and nooks. Of course 3 lane maps are very simple to read, balanced and competitive.
  • Weapons: The rifle that’s in the video clip looks powerful, and differs significantly from its predecessor. With the weapon rear sight and front sight, you’re scoffing your violent movements without the weapon’s accuracy, it is a smart decision. The operator of ModernWarzone’s fan site tweets that its strong recoil, too.
  • Image, style and performance: Despite the low-resolution Tiktik video, the graphics look very impressive. A significant improvement compared to the MW2019 example is emphasized in the interior lighting. Also, many areas are brimming with small details like debris lying around, bullet holes riddled with pillars, electrical boxes sparking etc.

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