Do you have a laptop, please change your keys in Spanish

Many people go out for work and have to buy a new laptop. For example, if you buy a laptop outside Europe, the keyboard probably came up with a layout that isn't used to, but don't worry because it's possible for you to change the keys and hold them away.

Many people travel abroad for work and have to buy a new laptop. Obviously, if you buy an laptop outside of Europe, it will likely be a problem with the keyboard. You should not worry because there are ways to change keys so you can have them in Spanish.

The keyboard can be changed in any language from the European language (or any other country). Regardless of the type and type of the keyboard you have, for example, you can have the ene key. But here we don’t talk about the keyboard, but rather about the physical layout.

Attention: Is it ANSI or ISO keyboard?

Of course, should you first remember that besides the keyboard (e.g. es_ES for Spanish), you also may also encounter two different key layouts: the ANSI and the ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization), and the positions and number of keys are different. One can see this clearly in the following image.

As you can see, the ISO distribution (which we usually use in Europe) have more keys, such as the ene key, the major and minor key next to the left Shift key. There is also the oversized ENTER key in the laptop, although the size of the ANSI distribution is not exactly so large that laptop computers will need to save space.

With that, what we want to tell you is that when you buy a laptop with keyboard ANSI, even if you can configure one of its keys as ene, your position will change. With the exception of the language, you can change the languages and use them as a keyboard in Spain. Let’s watch out.

How to change laptop keys to Spanish?

The first option is the easiest and cheapest, for example buy a set of stickers so you could literally stick on your keyboard. If you look at the keyboard, you will see the keys exactly with the configuration that you have in the software (and in this case, the intent is to put the keys on the laptop in Spanish from Europe ).

It is a solution that can be useful for most users, even if you don’t bear in mind that after all you put simple stickers and they don’t have the same resistance as the keys, so as the time, they end up being so worn out and/or peel off. They are at least quite cheap.

The second option you’ve got is whether the keyboard manufacturer sells that spare parts, however this solution is a bit more expensive, (which can cost between 15 and 30 dollars) and involves disposing your laptop, to remove the keyboard and put it in another one. Of course its the best thing in the end, because you will literally change the keyboard of the laptop. But if you don’t have the patience, you will also be difficult to find the spare part of the laptop that’s broken in.

There’s a second option for you to change only the keys you want to change, such as the N. This would take apart the keyboard key (which is usually a scissor mechanism), and pick the key(s) you want to change that’s compatible with the capital letters on your laptop keyboard. This isn’t the easiest task, of course.

Without doubt, the easiest and cheapest option is to buy the sticker, but it’s up to you how to make it possible that your keyboard has the keys in Spanish.