Episode 262 of Boruto: Release Date and Time, Prep, Spoilers & More!

And while “Naruto,” the next generation of Masashi Kishimotos characters has already become very popular, has a large fanbase who enjoys the upcoming events of the manga, and the anime a lot. As you know, the anime franchise is focused primarily on the series, but has more anime, though. Boruto Episode 262: Release Date, Time, Preview, Spoilers & more Read More.

And whileBoruto: Next Generations never became as popular asNaruto, neither the manga nor anime, the next generation of Masashi-Kashimotos characters have huge fanbase, eager to follow the events of both manga and anime. As you know already,Borutois focuses on anime, which has more than 200 episodes, while the manga isn’t even in Chapter 100. While the anime’s current arc was waiting for, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming Episode 262 ofBoruto, which will be released on August 14 and 2022.

The day of Boruto Episode 262 being published, date and time.

From what we know at that moment, Episode 262 of Boruto: Next Generations will be released on August 142022. The episode’s title will be The Princess’ Tea Party. The episode aired on the 7 o’clock, 022 o’clock on the 7 hd. Like, every other episode so far, Episode 262 has been released on August 14th, 2022 according to the following timelines:

  • Pacific Daylight 8:00, August 14, 2018.
  • Central Daylight time 4:00:00:08:00 GMT, August 14:15:00 o’clock
  • Midday 6:00, August 14th:45.
  • Summertime, summertimes, August 14, 18-odd at 10:00, July.
  • Mid-European Summertime 11:00; August 14:50
  • Indian average time is 12:30, 28:14.
  • Philippine time, 5 an.
  • Australian Central Daylight time 18:00 a.m., August 14:30.

This is the official release schedule for Y.V. Episode 262 which shows the time you expect the episode to air, depending on where you live in the world.

Boruto was the plot of the Episode 262 of the episode.

At present, the plot of Boruto Episode 262 isn’t known. This is why we’ll bring you a quick recap of Episode 261, the last one that has been aired recently. This is so you know what happened before.

Himawari and Kawaki attend the academy’s initiation ceremony, where Iruka and Naruto greet them. In real, Kawaki was assigned a top-secret mission to protect Kae Yukiwari, the princess of Bamboo’s neighbor, town. The assassins want to kill her so that the king of the country can choose another successor. Only Iruka knows of KAwakis flight to the Academy. After the class, Himawari and her friends meet again to meet Kae.

When would Boruto timeskip happen? Here’s what we know.

When I think it is possible if I give Narutos advice, please keep me in check. Kawaki invites her to eat Taiyaki, so I don’t know that any one knows how to attack them. Kawakis is willing to do its best, but Himawari advises her to speak romance based on the romance of Kae. Kawaki chases Kae to the roof on the afternoon and starts a bond.

Eiki Fuuma, the son of former policemen Koutarou, keeps trying to convince Kae to prove Kawaki is dangerous, so he steals a summoning scroll and attempts to protect Kae from Kawaki. Eiki lost control of the summon, but was knocked out, whereas Kawaki beat her and wins Kaes friendship. When he comes home, Himawari calls Kawaki talks with Naruto about his mission.

Where can you watch Episode 262 of Boruto?

This is the only place where you can watch the series of Narutos to regular time only: The next generation is Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll regularly offers the series through simulcast, but you’ll have to watch it in Japanese with subtitles from the English language. Other streaming services offer Boruto, but the episodes are not updated regularly so you can’t watch the latest one. And remember that Crunchyroll doesn’t offer Boruto episodes in any area of the world.