For the second time in a row, the otaku run fails once a year

Some fear that tradition may never return, but more or less, hope that so.

Some fear that tradition might never return, but most simply hope that.

Shortly after sunrise on the 13 August, a lone man dressed in yellow stood outside the entrance to Kokusai-Tenjijo. Though nervous about what was coming, he continued to hold up the skill that he had given him.

That job was to add hundreds of otaku to the mass, thirsty for independently produced content, in the word of Comiket Dash. This all-year massive migration of otaku is a very beautiful natural phenomenon where otaku flood as fast as they can from the first train of the day to Tokyo Big Sight convention center. Since the Station Kokusai-Tenjijo is the closest stop, the largest of the otaku’s biggest waves are the wavelets in the sky.

Despite all that this time the flood was a very bad thing.

@8/14 (@onsa2235) August 12, 2022

This is the second time the Comiket Dash has failed to materialize. If the otaku doesn’t run through the ticket gates with reckless abandon, the otaku seemed to be much more placid and hickory. For comparison here’s a film filmed by the Comiket Dash from 2018.

In winter, when this scene didn’t appear, many pointed out the pandemic to be the cause. Until recently, the independent comic, comma, and game convention was canceled three times because of COVID-19 and even last December was on shaky ground – held – with attendance limits and fears the plug can be pulled if things were out of control.

Yet this summer, even though there are over 6000 cases of infections in Japan, the frequency of changes in the event restrictions is continuing to increase, so that the standard of Comiket Dash probably wouldn’t be an issue anymore. Some suggested other possible cause was the typhoon being on a collision course with the area on the day of the event which allowed everyone to keep their best behaviors on the best.

Many attendees are fed up with rain and wind while waiting patiently to reach the conference place.

The most likely reason for dashed is the change in the admissions system. The number of attendees was limited to 80-60.000 this time. I think there was a ticket sold in advance. During purchasing the ticket, the auditor provides an automatic check-in window which helps spread the number of people entering at one time.

It’s an event planning technique known as the Moe Howard.

With limited numbers, and the likelihood of going, the chances of running like mad have been greatly diminished, so the people are once again free to ask for directions, without the fear of being trampled, as seen in this video.

( August 12 2022

I think they didn’t want to do this kind of ticket, because they didn’t think themselves of themselves as a major commercial event, but I think it was a good idea. Wow, add the Dash to the items of COVID-19. I’ll look like the other day, but don’t anybody wear a suit. The organizers probably lost a lot of money in the pandemic, so it’s also an effective way to save the security costs. I don’t know why they did that earlier. Even then, I think all these guys exercised. I still think it’s a solitary time to start running and then start a chain reaction.

The tipping point would trigger an Dash relapse if numbers continue to grow big enough. You can take the nausea as well, but then remove the sweat clouds and start.

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