Genshin Impact Fishing, How to unlock fishing, How to fish and any fish listed, rods and bait

Fishing is not only part of the exploration in the Genshin Impact, it also can be extremely useful. It is necessary to use this system with a good rod and a good bait for every fish. While exploring the maps, looking for chests, challenges, or just heading for a point in the area to complete a [] a.m. i.e. to finish.

Fishing is not only a part of exploration in the exploding Genshin Impact, but it can also be useful. This system uses a good rod and proper bait.

While looking for chests, challenges or a spot in the area to complete a commission, you may stumble across an area fishing scene. Not only that, there are many species to discover and catch, but they’re also abundant.

This fish guide for Genshin impact is for you to find the key to preparing the fish. You’ll find the way to fish, the way to unlock fishing, the fish, the bait and the rod types.

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Full version 2.8 Summer Fantasia | Genshin’s impact.

How can mantle the fishing in Genshin to affect the impact of this event’s action?

Though fishing is a fundamental process, such as cooking, it isn’t automatically unlocked. In order to do that, a world quest should be complete with the name ‘exploding population’.

The quest becomes available once you have access to your Serenitea pot. Next, talk to Katheryne, receptionist for the Adventurers Guild for Mondstadt, and begin the quest.

Completing it will not only teach you the basics of fishing, but also reward you with some basic equipment to stay on fish.

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  • 1 cane with an open mouth.
  • Five tyres of fruit paste baits!
  • Ten zoos revival.
  • 10 false worms have been baited.
  • Fight baits are five fake baits.
  • One formula: fruit paste bait

How to catch fish in Genshin Impact.

You can view the fishing site once you have sorted out a cleat. If you have a problem working in a fishing space, you can select the rod type, etc. If you have nothing to do with picking the wrong bait, you’ll lose it.

This is when you decide which rod and bait are the best for what fish you try to catch, so you can carry the command to pick your bait whenever you want to cast your bait. As long as you don’t bother tying the fish, it’s not easy for them to attract them.

If the line’s right and with the bait to a tipping spot, this is only a matter of time. The mini-game begins with the fish sitting on the hook.

To catch the fish, you must complete the progress symbol, giving the fish a time to stop tying while the fish are holding a steady hold, in the traps and the tension and the pressure of the fishing line, by pressing the fish button. The bar from which you press the button is pointing out this entire process is represented by a bar. It increases and decreases depending on how much you press the button.

His aim is to keep this bar in the ideal pressure zone, to which we all have support that change our positions in the battle state. There are situations where fish struggle to catch you. A period of intense struggle is defined by a color change in the orange zone of the ideal tension. In this phase, the speed of maneuvering a fishing line’s tension is affected.

If you fill the progress icon, you’ll catch a fish. Otherwise, he’ll escape and take his bait with him. Fish normally reappear within three days, so they may not appear early. Therefore, it is good to check back occasionally.

It’s been time to release Genshin Impact 2.8. You should be the correct Adventure Rank to participate in events, to get free Fischl, collect a Phantasmal Conch for a Fischl Skin, and solve Astral puzzles. You can spend Primogems on 5-star Yoimiya, and as always, visit our Genshin Impact tier list to see how your character measures up, find out how the Pity and 50/50 system works when Wishing with Fate, and find out who can pull from the next and actual banners. If you want to enjoy the outdoors, why not try fishing at one of the many fishing spots? Don’t forget to check periodically for all the latest Genshin Influence codes and trophy list updates.

Genshin Impact fish list.

You’ll likely encounter new types of fish when you study the Genshin Impact regions. The fish list is quite extensive as in patch 2.8, with the ability to add new areas once new regions are introduced.

If you don’t find fish in all areas of the game, some of them are locked up to time of day. Check what fish you can find in this fish list and what bait to use.

Last name Location Bait Spawn time (server time) Respectful angelfish Liyue Free worms, so you don’t need to do anything. 06:00 18:00 Aizen Medaka Mondstad Fruit paste bait is served. All day Akai Maou MondstadtLiyueInazuma It is bait for red rot. 06:00 18:00 Betta Liyue Rottis bait bait. 18:00 06:00 Bitter Pufferfish MondstadtLiyueInazuma Fly bait, fake ice. All day Brown Shirakodai Liyue Waterproof worm bait. 06:00 18:00 crystal fish MondstadtLiyueInazuma Fruit paste. 06:00 18:00 dawn catcher MondstadtLiyueInazuma Fruit paste bait. 18:00 06:00 Divda Ray Inazuma Fly bait? All day Formalo Ray Inazuma Fly baits fake! All day Medaka Frosting Inazuma Fruit paste bait. All day golden koi MondstadtLiyueInazuma The fake fly bait is counterfeit. All day Lung stickleback Inazuma Red rot bait is used to kill it. 18:00 06:00 Medaka MondstadtLiyueInazuma Fruit juice bait, please. All day Purple Shirakodai Inazuma I’ve been to the mouth for worm bait. 06:00 18:00 Fish-putter. MondstadtLiyueInazuma The fake bait is used by flyers. All day Raimei Angelfish Inazuma A fake worm hammer bait has been used. 18:00 06:00 rusty koi Mondstadt Fy bait? All day snow walker Mondstadt Red rot bait comes from bait to bait. 18:00 06:00 Medaka’s sweet flowers are savoury. Liyue Fruit paste bait. All day Shirakodai wear a rose teal hue. Mondstadt A worm bait is a dangerous bait. 06:00 18:00 poisonous spinyfish Mondstadt This is a bait for rot. 18:00 06:00

Expliquement of gouthineous rod types in Genshin Impact.

One thing that can make it all the better when trying to catch fish is the type of rod you use. Each of these have specific effects that only works in certain areas; so having them all increases the chances that you can get a fish you may need.

Most rods sell out by the Fishing Association adolescent people, that are commonly found in the main streets of the game. You may not want to buy them but have a lot of other items to make your purchases more interesting.

Last name Effect Seller Fish cost Moonstringer By staying in the Idela Tensin area, the Moonstringer helps you get a fish while decreasing the amount of time a fish struggles. In the Lunar Realm event, players couldn’t only get the cane by over the Moon quest. None Narukawa Ukai This rod works only in Inazuma. By staying in the sweet spot, Narukawa Ukai reduces the amount of fish that battles during battle by increasing the chances of success. Kujirai Momiji Medaka x20

Medaka Frosting 20.

Lungstickleback x20

Purple Shirakodai x 20 o’clock.

wild cane None The players get this cane in recognition of the achievement of the Exploding Population World quest. None wind fisherman You can reduce the time of the fish’s struggle if you stay in the sweet spot. This reduces the chances of success by using this rod. The Windtangler effect is not effective in Mondstadt. Nantuck Medaka x20

Aizen Medaka x20.

Venomthorn Fish (x20).

Tea Color Shirakodai x20 x20 -.

wish maker Wishmaker helps you reduce fishs resistance time, and increase your chances of success if you stay in the ideal tension zone. That effect only applies to Liyue region. Jiawei Medaka x20

Sweet Flower Medaka. x20.

Betta x20

Brown Shirakodai x20 x20

Explanation of bait types in Genshin-impact.

It is important to choose the bait with respect to choosing the rod you fish. In Genshin Impact, each bait has good chances of atattracting specific fish, so using the right one is the best way to attract the fish.

There are a total of four types of bait, and the rest can be used for making them. Even if you earn some after unlocking the fishing system, you can’t auto-craft them. The fishing association sells their plans.

Last name Plan provider Crafting recipe Fish is good for drinking. Fruit paste bait. Earned on the quest to exploit the population world. Twilight x1Wheat x1Wheat x1Wheat x1 MedakaAizen MedakaMedaka FrostingDanwcatcherMedaka with sweet flowerscrystal fish. Rot ring bait. Nantuck Mondstadt Dendrobium x1Poultry x1Poultry x1Poultry x1Poultry x1Poultry x1Poultry x1Poultry x1Poultry x1 BettaAkai MaouLung sticklebackvenomthorn fishsnow walker walker. Fake worm bait. Nantuck Mondstadt Viscous Condensate x1Berry x1Berry x1Berry x1Berry x1Berry x1Berry x1Berry x1 1Berry x 2Berry x 6Berry x3Ar. Red ShirakodaiPurple ShirakodaiCould-colored ShirakodaiRespectful angelfishRaimei Angelfish. I don’t take fly baits. Nantuck Mondstadt Sakura samba x1Losetail x1Kosetail x1Losetail x1 Tooggy PufferfishCosty, dorrusty koyDivda RayFormalo Ray.

What is used for Genshin impact?

Catching fish at Genshin Impact is a good strategy in two situations. The first one is to use these as currency to buy items from the Fishing Association such as rods, bait blueprints, a furniture blueprint and a weapon. There are three NPCs you can talk to here for now: Nantuck in Mondstadt, Jiawei in Liyue and Kujirai Momiji in Inazuma.

The location of Nantuck, Jiawei and Kujirai is very similar to the other two.

Another factor is that fish is used to cook recipes. To do that, you must first transform the fish you caught into a fish flesh from any cooking place. This will take a few minutes, so depending on the type of fish used, the quantity of fish meat made is affected.

Fish in the Genshin Impact! Don’t forget to check the number of fishing spots, so that you know where the fish live!

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