Genshin – Welcome to Sumeru!

Version 3.0 of free to play role-playing game is coming soon and will offer a new area called Sumeru. There's a video showing the benefits of this new region. The new Sumeru region with a wide range of environment and rich content is likely to arrive via Genshin version 3.0 soon. According to a statement on 13th August, MiHoYo said that []he was a real girl.

This popular game is coming soon and it’ll offer a new region called Sumeru. A video showing the beauty of this new region came to a close.

New Sumeru region will soon be delivered via Genshin version 3.0. Finally, on August 13th, MiHoYo revealed everything in the update. New characters, new bosses, new weapons and new artifacts are to be expected.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.