Goldenera 007 Documentary Goldenera captured the film by streaming Giant Cinedigm

Image: Altitude Films As soon as we are fully satisfied with GoldenEye 007 release that may or may not happen (now, maybe not even before we see that sweet icon on our Switch home screen), a nice documentary about the work of the N64 classic will take you to a high point when you make it through this series.

Image: Altitude XLR

Because we all wait for GoldenEye 007 re-release that may or may not happen (at this rate, you should realize that the sweet icon of the Switch home screen is a good idea, so we can’t forget about the great documentary about the making of the N64 classic by Altitude Films.

The final report was a rational rewrite of the GoldenEye-era 007 and we’ve had a good time with it – you can read its full review for all the lowdowns.

Today it’s been announced that the document has been acquired by the streaming giant Cinedigm, as shown by the Collider. The company has multiple platforms, such as ScreamBox, The Film Detective and Cineverse.

Cinedigm will release Goldenera on digital and on demand on the 23th of August. We don’t know exact which platform it’ll be heading for. But we’re not sure what the platform’s going for is Docurama, which a Cinedigms dedicated platform is for film, TV and spycams.

The chief Content Officer at Cinedigm Yolanda Macias provided a short explanation of the importance of a documentary like GoldenEra.

The new release, released two decades ago, made GoldenEye more popular. It’s an art fiction song. Whether you’re thinking of gaming, CONs, 90s or James Bond, this movie encapsulates the era in a perfect way and brings a nostalgia factor into the film.

You can get GoldenEra right here through Altitude Films.

Did you go watch GoldenEra? Do you plan on doing that? How did they ever get this Goldeneye re-release? Let’s talk to you.