Google launched a campaign to discourage Apple from discriminating against its users

Text and the RCS protocol are causing a lot of controversy lately due to the rejection by Apple of the rule by which the Apple-based community would be permitted to communicate with users. This makes it more difficult, but also makes messages from Android visible to Apple users like those of those who blocked you.

Text messages and the RCS protocol have caused many controversy recently due to the refusal of Apple to accept this standard to facilitate mobile communication between users and Android users.

The situation makes it more difficult, but also makes messages to Android users visible. like those who blocked you.

Apple is denying a few disadvantages in this regardand therefore Google launched a pressure campaign in order to force the company of the apple to twist its arm.

Apple still asks Android to change the way it works.

Vanessa Hudgens (@VanessaHudgens) August 10, 2022

To launch this campaign, the label Get the message was launched, which in Spanish is as simple as receive the message, and several celebrities were taking over to explain why Apple should finally adopt the RCS standard, stop discriminating against users who don’t own an iPhone.

This is a little of an interest to the Apple company, since the exclusive policy that comes in line with the messages and other aspects of the ecosystem, allows for more user participation.

I text my iMessage friends through my Mac and from every other phone. It’s so bad that it’s been used. Please rectify it with @tim_cook VTLJa4Gn0B.

Carl Pei (@getpeid) August 10, 2022.

The naive team that Google has thrown Apple in this regard is no surprise, but he is the most envious of it, having recently said that I wish the talented team of Apple could solve this problem.

In spite of this pressure, Vanesa Hudgens and Carl Pei are among the personalities who speak, and Android has already launched a webpage to help the problem solve the issue of that issue, in which it names Apple as the most responsible for fixing the problem with the iPhone.

RCS AppleGoogle

The free Android license is available.

And thats it, its not only about the colors in which the messages are arranged, but also these protocol differences both influence the performance of messages, making the experience worse, i.e. Apple and Android alike.

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