Hazelnut Characters: 10 Characters Mainly (Ranked)

At first glance, Haikyuu is an anime that is centered around volleyball competition, which doesn't seem a particularly interesting idea to say to any teen. This is yet another very interesting story, just because there is no doubt that it is a pretty interesting anime. This is mostly due to the fact that it usually focuses on characters. What do you call this list? Haikyuu Characters: 10 Inch Characters Read More.

At first glance, Hahaio is a sports anime which resembles volleyball competition. It doesn’t seem as though to be a particularly interesting premise for an anime, but, in fact, it’s a pretty entertaining story. This is partly because most of this time it centers on characters. This is a list of the 10 best best main characters in Haikyuu, but we can’t answer the question of the best character. While it’s interesting, what type of Haikyuu character is best in the show?

If that’s something you are trying to question, read this article, because it ranks the top 10 volleyball teams in Haikyuu.

Hashimoto-Hilfi’i Major Characters (Ranked)

10. Kenma Kozume

Kenma Kozume starts our list of kings of kyuu. Kenma Kozume is an undergraduate in two years at Nekoma High School. He was a setter on the volleyball team, and his teammates are known as the group’s heart and soul.

Kenma has an analytical attitude. She rarely loses her composure, and she rarely feels nervous or angry about something. He’s quiet and polite, but he rarely gives up his views, because he fears that people think about him. And because he doubts being heard in any way.

Kenma is known as Nekomas brain because of his keen strategic mind and remarkable ability to devise elaborate tactics to counter his enemies. He has instinctively understood more and more behavior than his self-interest.

This allows him to pick up the tiniest things of his enemies, such as their attitudes and personalities, and to exploit them. Kenma would assess his rival’s abilities before developing a detailed strategy for his teammates to execute.

Most of his schemes go unnoticed at first, but as time goes by, they get more successful. So far, his competitors do not know how long they fell into the trap.

Kenma does well at strategizing, but he is unathletic and has only little stamina that helps him win competition. Coach Ukai claims that he’s backed up by the whole team receiving force as a setter. Kenma is capable of making up his mind by allowing the receivers to return the ball to him cleanly.

He is now more aggressive, rather than focusing purely on his teammates flawless receptions. He is flexible and experienced in getting and digging the ball.

As long as Nekoma plays, his style often increases due to his ability to play. Nekoma takes on the offensive at the final minute, but regaining all their points when they play and respond to other teams strengths and weaknesses.

9. Tetsuro Kuroo

Tetsuro Kuroo started his studies as an undergraduate at the University of Nikoma in the 1980s. He was the captain and middle blocker of the Boys Volleyball Club. It was regarded as the “Phet-Semen’s Captain”. In November 2018, he joined the Japan Volleyball Associations sports marketing division.

Tetsuro Kuroo Kuroo has a prescient attitude, and many believe he’s a provocation specialist. He would offend something deliberately and is uneasy with his snide remarks. This is why he enraged Tsukishima during summer training, while the first-year blocker occupied a moderate spot of volleyball.

Tetsuro Kuroo Kuroo is nicer and more honest than his appearance. Kuroo is seeking out and apologizes to Daichi who was insulted because he discovered he had crossed a line. He demonstrates, later, that despite his reputation as a provocation specialist, his sport is vital to him.

Kuroo is widely considered an independent blockbuster known for his ability to push the opponents. He’s known for his skills on the Tsukishimas blocking instructor and fine-tuned techniques.But because he has little experience, he found himself near the bottom of our best Haikyuus volleyball players.

His blocking ability is primarily due to his thorough understanding of finer points, such as correct balance, pacing and jumps. Kuroo won’t stop and jump straight up, instead of sideways, while blocking him. He then wants to record his blocked momentarily with a downward pin. Kuroo is now deciding on spikers that are smaller or heavier than him.

Tetsuro Kuroo is a versatile player, who helps Nekoma in both offense and defense. Kouroo, like the rest of his squad, is adaptable and effective when it comes to receiving.

Since the fact that a middle-blocker is normally rotated out with the libero, Kuroo has proved he’s able to play back-row while Yaku is injured. He’s still the only newcomer with a decent jump serve at the moment.

8. Korai Hoshiumi

When we list Haikyuu characters, number 8 is Rochi Hoshiumi. Krai Hoshiumi was a second-year student at Kamomedai High School, and the teams ace volleyball player. As an athletic candidate, he was invited to all-Japan Youth Intensive Training camp.

He’s part of the Schweiden Adlers, a professional volleyball team in the V.League, Japan’s leading division. He plays volleyball in Japan and Japan.

Krai Hoshiumi is very young, but he has solid pieces. His appearance is like a bird. His wide eyes mimic that of a seagull, and his rough, light-colored hair mimics that of a birds plumage.

He used to have shorter hair, so he wasn’t shy of the baby. Krai Hoshiumi cut his hair and returned to his original style when he was younger.

Although Hoshiumi looks intelligent and talented in games, he’s a passionate, outspoken, and proud person who believes his talents have always been a ton of others.

First grade, Hoshiumi has always experienced physical pain due to the fact that his health is low.

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Even though he complained of an unfairness of his height, he eventually began to aspire to his mother’s suggestion and began to pursue different skill sets and become a stronger player without prejudice to his height.

Krai Hoshiumi is a brilliant all-around player who can serve, receive, set, block and push. He has a peculiar running technique to jump up as much more to get over blockers that are much higher than him; he bends and turns his legs outwards, resulting in a high vertical jump that gives him a spectacular end-line shot.

He has an arsenal of attacks, including feints, wipes, straights and crosses according to evidence. Hoshiumi can also serve a jump service with a lot of strength and precision.

7. Kiyoomi Sakusa

The Apocalypse of Itachiyama Institutes, Kiyoomi Sakusa, was a strong favorite to win the national competition. With Kiry and Ushijima, he was among the country’s top three aces and the only one in two years that he was born with.

After high school, he played in the college volleyball league and was named MVP. He finally joined the Red Jackals in the Division One club MSBY, where he’s a division 1 team. He was named to Japan’s national team during the 2021 Olympic Games.

Kiyoomi Sakusa seems to be cool and composed, but he’s still competitive and proud. In this game, he never shows a whole heap of emotion. In addition to noticing an opponent he perceives as a threat to himself, he’s very fond of focusing on the player. He got annoyed at how Kageyama said that, given his popularity, he seemed ordinary.

He is considered to be a prudent player who analyzes the toss before spiking, and his daily habits reflect this characteristic. He is a realist, which describes his willingness to ask such an awful amount of questions in order to decide scenarios.

Kiyoomi Sakusa was considered one of Japan’s 3 Top-Ace players as his second year and later MVP. He is a complete player who excels both on offense and defense, which makes him in the top of the best Haikyuu Volleyball player list. He has previously defeated top five ace Bokuto and was often seen dueling with Ushijima, with whom he has a rivalry.

He was seen hurling on a triple, sending the ball into a squeeze while playing against Fukurodani. Sakusa uses unorthodox spikes and overpowers enemies, despite lacking the very strength of Ushijima and Kiry.

His techniques, discipline, precision, and special shots can make him fearsome.

Sakusa is a tense man but also a great defender. Since he was grappling with Ushijimas southpaw hits in the junior high, he began to work with his receives. Since then, he’s made significant progress and is always sought to defend the court against power servers.

Sakusa was welcomed to the All Youth Japan camp because he appreciated his abilities. Kageyama wanted to see a spiker before seeing him. He was keen to understand and take over the track at the camp, but later claimed that the spiker seemed more ordinary than its reputation had suggested.

He can be seen making a decent shot between the sideline and the end line during the camp. According to his teammate Motoya Komori, a participant in a youth camp, Sakusa has virtually no flaws.

6. Koutarou Bokuto

A third-year student at Fukurdani Academy, Ktar Bokuto was the coach and captain of the volleyball team. He was considered one of the top five people in the country, but left behind behind behind three others.

After graduation from school, he became a hitter for the MSBY Black Jackals. It is a Division 1 team in Japans V-League. He also plays volleyball for Japan’s National Soccer Team.

His staff described him as having mood swings, where even the lowest things will affect his performance. The team’s third-year boss called him straightforward.

Ktar Bokuto has a fun, friendly, bombastic and child-like attitude. However, his talent and morale-boosting skills are respected by both his colleagues and rivals.

He reflected a strong ace when Ktar Bokuto arrives from his slump and claims that he is the best among his teammates and rivals.

Bokuto is a strong player in comedy, who enjoys the jokes and acts as a mastermind. To attract the praise or praise from his teammates, he is a vivacious character. His nature is so adaptable that he gets along with around everyone.

Bokuto is Japan’s biggest aces, and in the long run, he’s as good as a top-3 ace. He excels in all aspects of volleyball: attack, safety, and setting.

According to Kageyama, Bokuto has the ability to interpret and evaluate a situation in real-time, and also can respond quickly.

During the course of his training, he often went beyond and beyond, keeping days longer than anyone after practice ended and practicing harder at scheduled sessions. Isn’t there anything to know about with respect to my talents?

Bokuto often blasts after the unrecessing single or double of his feet. Bokutos most notable skill is his efficiency and accuracy. He often hears razor-sharp lines and cut shots that go through even the smallest distance and between blockers with enough power to achieve these goals.

If you can get under the haze, it’s very hard to dig the area. Bokuto is a wiser, more advanced and proficient, master of wipes and block-outs, as well as several other notable wipes and block-outs, which he scores on Nekoma against their impressive defense. Bokuto can also reposition the ball in order to get the ball better off with bounces.

5. Toru Oikawa

In the Hawaii-dominated list, the Tru Oikawa is also a Chinese word for the word Toru Oikawa. Toru Oikawa is a professional setter for the club atletico San Juan, Argentina. He was the third-year student of the University of Johsai a portion of the series, and was the manager of the school volleyball team.

In the final year of the game, he has become an Argentinaan. He has now signed up to the Chilean national team and will be the starting player for his national team. He’s the primary adversary in the spring-style, Interhigh and Spring-High preliminary Arcs.

Oikawa is an excellent player with excellent ability to play volleyball very seriously, though his mother would insist on his role in school. Even if he’s angry and aggressively flipping his demeanor, he looks to be a strange person with a very disgusting personality and a dishonest character among his rivals and his teammates.

He is very intelligent and beware, and he quickly manages the dearth of his teammates and rivals.

Oikawa, on the other hand, has shown many times that he’s very attentive and loving to others, but this usually goes with his teammates or people like Hinata.

Oikawa is ambitious and single-minded, but it’s revealed that he has an inferiority sentiment against others he believes should be superior to him, such as Ushijima and Kageyama.

To make his ambition balanced, Oikawa works extremely hard and often endures much pain and pain together with team exercises. While Oikawa is away, he spends a lot of time in the home watching his opponents and anticipating them moves and exploring ways to beat them.

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Totoo Oikawa’s abilities are well known for his simple and intuitive jump-serve, which he has mastered since childhood. You should keep a relaxed and cool demeanor that is all that sensitive.

Oikawa is a highly talented player and is one of the best all-around players in the prefecture, even if he is not considered a genius.

He is capable of improving his ability to work with his teammates, his ability to identify weaknesses in opponents’ or in action achieved skills and effectively serves. He couldn’t figure out how to deal with Tsukishima and Hinatas in a very short period of time on the court – but he managed to destroy Kageyama and Hinatas in a fool-proof manner.

The result would not be possible without years of preparation and commitment. Even Shiratorizawa Academys Ushijima recognizes Oikawas talent, stating that Oikawas strength is at the heart of every other team’s ability to be successful.

4. Atsumu Miya

Atsumu Miya was an undergraduate at Inarizaki High School second-year and was the coach of the volleyball team. After a high school set-up and server award became Japan’s best teacher in the academy.

He’s a member of MSBY Black Jackal, a professional volleyball team of Japans V.League division. He’s now a member of the Japan National Volleyball Team and was in Tokyo the Games in 2021.

Atsumu is a wise man, usually a shy man, often with a lazy smile, but rather a timid person.

Atsumu Miya is often ill-tempered and sometimes self-centered. He is characterized by Osamu as someone who doesn’t listen to others, doesn’t return borrowed items and often lies.

Atsumu Miya is a perfectionist who always keeps the utmost of expectations. He wants his spikers to have the best toss but still wants them to compete at high levels. If the spikers struggle to live up to his expectations, Atsumu isn’t afraid to confront them and even say it as rubbish, especially his twin brother.

Atsumu is the Japanese’s best high school setter. According to reports, his tosses are always great to catch, never swaying or going off, giving the impression that the spikers have changed.

Except for tough situations where underarm toss is a rule, Atsumu still has the opportunity to pursue his goal – giving his spikers the best toss.

Atsumu Miya, as well as Kageyama and Hinata, is able to execute the Satanic Fast in complete coordination with his twin brother Osamu. Despite the fact that he executed the attack without a prior plan, his toss is not as accurate as Kageyama. He was a tyre, but he also earned the Best Server Title at the middle of school and at Interh.

3. Wakatoshi Ushiwaka

We got to the top three top chikyuu characters slowly. Wakatoshi Ushijima was a third-year student of Shiratorizawa’s boys volleyball team. He is the nation’s number one ace, and he was, along with Sakusa and Kiry, the top three aces at that time.

After graduating from high school he joined the Schweiden Adlers, a professional team in Japan’s V-League Division 1, according to a group of skilled persons. He joined Japan’s National Team as a Worldsman in the world in 2014 and the Olympics in 2021.

Wakatoshi is currently a Polish professional team member of Orze Warszawa.

Ushijima plays very hard. He’s tall, size, endurance, and jumping ability and is one of the most dangerous players on the court. Ushijimas spikes are known for their sheer strength, as he can smash away opposing blocks and be ready to receive without force.

He has a high force and a superior’s ability, allowing his rivals to defend in difficult terms. Ushijima plans to extend his hang time in mid-air, too, to compensate for the blockers timing.

His left-handedness is one of his many attributes. He is left-handed and can make a new height by changing his weight.

Because most teams only used to right-handed players spikes, Ushijimas spikes are difficult to contend with.

All of the Ushijimas playstyle is largely dependent upon physicality. Many of his tactics remain consistent in most tournaments, allowing his rivals to get used to them and devise countermeasures.

Even though Wakatoshi Ushijimas are sheer strength and height, it’s better said than achieved. In one game against Karasuno, Ushijima scored 40 points, accounting for nearly half of his teams’ total points, thus making him around the top of our table of best Haikyuu Volleyball players.

2. Shoyo Hinata

Shoyo Hinata is the lead character of Haruichi Furudates Haikyuu! series. An avid volleyball player like the Little Giant scored points on a much larger rival, Hinata was inspired to start playing volleyball.

He was at Karasuno High when he lost his first formal volleyball match to the King of the Court, Tobio Kageyama, the King of the Court, just so he could learn about Karasuno’s planned plans.

Hinata was a first-year student at Karasuno and a middle blocker for the volleyball team for the majority of the series.

Shoyo Hinata went to Brazil for two years after graduating from high school to study beach volleyball. After moving to Japan, he joined the MSBY Black Jackals team, Division 1 team in the V-League.

He was a member of Japan’s national team during the 2021 Olympics, and in 2022 he joined asass S Paulo, a professional team in the Brazilian Super League.

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Hinata is known for his stupidity, but still very athletic. When he arrived in Karasuno, he learned more about volleyball. His new teammates quickly mastered basics and basic skills.

Despite the lack of expertise, Hinata is still trying to find out how he can help play. He is not afraid of new ideas and can quickly improvise when things are down to schedule.

Shoyo Hinata is a quick and lightning-fast learner who can develop his abilities simply by splicing the motions of others. Hinata is among the few players who can see the whole court as he starts to enter the ball.

Hinata isn’t known for his strength, but rather for his ability to use speed and endurance to benefit. Hinatas strongest strengths are his fortitude and his desire to succeed over all else.

1. Tobio Kageyama

The number one of our Haikyuu Characters list is Tobio Kageyama, who is the name of the Court’s King. Tobio Kageyama is one of the Karasuno setters, and was selected to attend the youth training camps on the whole of Japan. He is sometimes defined as an expert settingter.

Tobio Kageyama has exceptional analytical skills and can throw precision tosses in a fraction of a second by monitoring angles and placements in the court.

Although Kageyama has a good technical power, he is acknowledged as a basketball star and a volleyball genius. Kageyamas overwhelming ability as a high-caliber setter might convince the team, but he doesn’t always manage to communicate with his teammates.

He learned how to use his talents in order to occupy the best of his spikers during the time. Instead of asking his spikers to always balance him, he now ignores their state and changes his toss accordingly.

Kageyama is a professional all-rounder with a lot of understanding, both the basics and the complexity of volleyball. Although he excels, his techniques and precision are perfect for the field, but he can understand both basic and complex matters.

Tobio Kageyama can play a variety of positions, including wing spiker, but prefers to be the player control tower as a setter. A guru known for the improvised technique, was an improvised approach for Kageyama, in which he was first proposed that Hinatas show could be used as a decoy for a tall person.

As a result of all these things, Kageyama was chosen to attend the Intensive Training Camp All-Japan.