How did he win & why?

Moolada from The Seven Deadly Sins anime and the Naruto movie Naruto Uzumaki. Both blonde actors are extremely imposing, athletic, and likable. They wouldn't have ever fight against each other if they met, but even if that happened somehow for whatever reason, let's see who won in an all-out win situation. Who would be able to win & Why? Read More

The anime of the Seven Deadly Sins has made a lot of sense, including the Meliodas and the Naruto Uzumaki movie. These blonde actors are both extremely formidable, skillful and likable. There’s no reason it’s true that they would never fight each other if they met, but now, if that ever happened for whatever reason imaginable can be seen who wins in an entire series of parallel Meliodas and Naruto.

To win against Naruto, Meliodas would, in a battle, win only a bit. Both of them are great fighters and a match for each other in terms of physical strength and stamina, but Meliodas has the requisite supernatural abilities to surpass Narutos shinobi, which would ultimately defeat Naruto in the fight.

Now that you’ve got the answer, let’s see what we have in mind in the three sections we’ve written. In the first two sections, you’ll see the difference between the two characters and the others in the first sections, so you can compare your powers. Finally, I would like to bring you an analysis of the two characters, so we could explain the answer.

Meliodas and his powers are both valid.

The name of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas symbolizes the sin of Wrath. His appearance as a young boy is true, but in fact, he is a demon thousands of years, son of the king of the Demon Clan and once head of the Ten Commandments. He was cursed with immortality because he betrayed his father, and his motivation is that he wants to find a way to escape him and live alongside his beloved Elizabeth.

Powers, weapons.

He has superhuman strength, and at first he never used real weapons to evade killing someone. In the first part of the manga, his weapon is a broken blade. His hilt is indeed one of the keys to breaking the seal of the prison of demons that three thousand years earlier was sealed by the goddesses and the other four clans.

Magical abilities

His main magic attack is called Full Couner. With the generosity of massive magic attack, he can reflect it in a way that is to redirect it to his opponents in battle. Even if Meliodas absorbs the impact and contains it long enough, his attack can increase hundreds of times more than the original.

To help Meliodas achieve the task, he can use the human condition such as a wooden stick, a spoon or something like a broken sword.

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Naruto and his powers are in order.

He became very weak in the ninja arts, and spent the time inventing useless erotic techniques such as the Erotic and later the Harem.


Especially for close combat, he is often regarded as a wind-like, but also as a long-range master. In battles, he is especially used in ninjutsu and taijutsu. He has a considerable skill to use ninja tools, particularly with Sasuke.

After Jiraiyas death, he decides to follow the teachings of the Hermit Toad Fukasaku and learns Hermitic Mode, which even a legend ninja and the Fourth Hokage had well to master.

Shinobi skills

Naruto began studying the parchment of the diocese, in which the forbidden techniques of the village are noted, but learned the superior technique of multiplication of the body, thus becoming a kind of the name given the versatile useable-handed handwriting the polygonal skill that he can use.

From now on, Naruto can improve enormously thanks to his unlimited desire for study and training under the supervision of Kakashi and, over all, Jiraiya, who teaches him a lot of things like utilizing the Fox chakra and enhancing his personality, and to improve his energy concentration and concentration; and two techniques that will prove essential for him.

Special techniques

A first is the Recall Technique, with which he can evoke toads for which he can fight against some techniques. Naruto is also an advanced Rasengan user, and where he can generate lots of variants of different technologies.

Naruto boasts an impressive chakra reserve, at least four times the sum of Kakashi (considering the Fox chakra – it would be a hundred times the sum of the copying ninja) and an equally remarkable physical resistance, increased by the Fox.

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“Leniodas and Naruto Uzumaki: Who are you?

This short analysis has shown us two things. One, in terms of pure physical powers, Naruto and Meliodas are roughly on the same level. If the two were to engage in a purely physical form of combat, Naruto could even best Meliodas. Their abilities and experiences in this category mostly differ, Naruto gaining more experience in the field.

When Meliodas supernatural and demonic powers smuggle in, Naruto has no more to complain about. Sure, he has the most amazing shinobi techniques and controls Nine-Tails, but Meliodas is the son of the Demon King, and he has also consistently been portrayed as ridiculously underpowered, and certainly doesn’t help Narutos case.

This was a very close call, but I honestly think that Meliodas could have lost Naruto a chance. Even though Naruto was capable of repressing Meliodas in a physical fight, he would also surpass his astonishing speed Meliodas with supernatural powers. This would only make Meliodas look overpowered at times.

Sure, Naruto is a strong man, and he’s extremely powerful, but when it comes to his demonic abilities and abilities, he does little to win the fight.