How do you update your OPPO mobile to the latest version of Color OS and Android?

Related News If you have a PC, you have to learn how to update it to have the latest software and get the advantages of Color OS, its personalization layer and Android. This process has become easier over time. Now a simple process isn't necessary.

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If you have an OPPO device or a tablet, you will need to learn how to update that, with the latest software, and can use Color OS, its personalization layer and Android. This process became easier as it is, and now its too simple, it won’t take you a minute to start the process if software is available.

How to update Android and Color OS on OPTOP?

Update OPPO

The free Android app is free.

As for all brands, OPPO updates are done by OTA, which means you can download them from your devices settings and do them in the internet. Let’s move on.

  • Open a ticket.
  • Turn the device off and it’ll be easier for you.
  • Click the banner with the color OS version on the top of that banner.
  • If an update is available, do it.

If you are a version to update your mobile, just click on download. Click on download and choose if you want to install it immediately or overnight. This is one of the choices that gives the customization layer.

OPPO Update

Android is free.

The three-disc menu is right on the lower right. So choose whether the downloaded auto is going to happen or not, and by hand, as the automatic download is going to go on.

You can also enable an option on the mobile to download the update from the time of time by WiFi and install automatically from 2am to 5pm if you don’t use the mobile.

On the automatic update of OPP.

Android is a free version.

Neither is this option intended for security updates, as it won’t apply to major software updates.

Before proceeding, it’s safe to charge the phone and make a backup copy of the important data you have on the device.

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