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Felissimo has forgotten the Papipu Penguins.

Felissimo brought the Papipu-Pinguins back.

If you have ever discovered Papipu Penguins for the first time just today, try to join them with so many cute animals from Japan that became a global artist a few years ago, making a successful start to her life a global pop culture phenomenon. And with nostalgia becoming a powerful force, you might not find anything unusual in the fact that the Japanese lifestyle brand Felissimo has just released a new smulet to buy.

While these Papipu Penguins are a character-related piece, there are two things that make them a character worthy of some sort of decoration. The first is that their breakout gig was selling beer, and they appeared in the television programme, Suntory.

If you want a drink after being knocked out in a boxing match, make it fun to get in a suntory!

And when youre sitting at the bar, drinking alone and reminding us of your ex, make it out to Suntory again.

But wait, Mark, you say, I remember saying that Hello Kitty also briefly sold beer, which im thankful for your long-term readership (and happy that your interest in beverages with alcohol hasn’t dulled your memory). So what makes Papipu Penguins truly unique is that out of all of Japan’s countless, many cute characters, they’re the only ones who star in a full-length anime movie about the tragic horrors of guerilla warfare and how the problem of treating posttraumatic stress disorder becomes a common issue.

And no, I don’t have anything to say.

(@tori_koichy_381) February 19, 2021

Papipu Penguins advertisements aired in 1983 and 1984 and led to the 1984 anime movie Penguins Memory, which follows the protagonist of a story that sees the man and man returning to his country after being drafted in to a war that’s a thinly veiled metaphor for Vietnam. Tom, after a recent arrest for two close friends, finds work in a library, but since his knowledge of the human being to person is more appropriate to one’s ability to reintegrate into civil society, he’s very difficult to follow.

But, for example, one must recognize that the new Papipu Penguins roomwear, the zippered pouches, and the toothbrushes like Pakku and Bikki, the original Papipu Penguins, and the memories of Mike and his Penguins are much more interesting than Jill. Meanwhile, there are no visual distinctions between the design of Pakku and Mike, or even Bikki and Jill.

Because of their cuteness, the Papipu Penguins appeared in the 80s on stationary, pencils and other trinkets. For those who primarily remember a memory of Penguins, this new merch is an inevitable change, with a promise to help other people in the world talk and discuss. The clothing is priced at 4,950 yen (37 USD), the pouches at 2,750 yen each, and the brushes at 1,650 yen for six sets available here in the Felissimos online store.

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