Learn about digital showcase and publisher sales news, THQ Nordics 2022

It's almost mid-August, but the summer of games announcements has finally ended. Last night, 12 August, THQ Nordic was having a lot of new games on the air, as well a new slash for the Dark reboot. THQ Nordic, which was founded in 2011, is an Austrian video game developer.

Yes, its almost mid-August, but that doesn’t mean summer of games announcements is over. Last night (August 12th) THQ Nordic announced a huge selection of new games on the air, including the Solitude reboot.

THQ Nordic is a Swedish video game publisher and developer who has built a virtual machine based in Austria. It is a worldwide company with its own rights to game and IP and funded its own studios in order to create new series. Not only Black Forest Games, Bugbear Entertainment, Gunfire Games, HandyGames, Piranha Bytes, Purple Lamp Studios, Rainbow Studios, etc. are not as well conceived by THQ Nordic umbrella, but also collaborated with international renowned events such as Wreckfest, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Destory All Humans!

The publisher is not always a trusted competitor unless you are in the right position for such an industry. While it doesn’t matter whether it’s sports-adventure, role-playing or whatever else, you’ll be interested in something from THQ Nordic. The publisher says it is trying to fight this show and that mission seems to be done with Wreckreation and Alone in the Dark.

How to watch the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022.

You can watch the THQ Nordics Digital Showcase 2022 live stream. Live stream is made available on the company’s Twitter and the following YouTube channel for the year 12-2022.

The THQ Nordic Showcase also features a huge publisher promotion. You can also watch TV on Steam if you want to play some of the most popular games that the organization has released in the past few years.

Here’s a brief description of what you can get:

Biomumps save 67% of time.

This post-apoapolyptic, open-world story focuses on the kung fu action trough that emphasizes his power and inspires a unique martial arts-style combat system: using guns, melee and skills to protect the strange lush world.

Outlaw III will save 70 %.

A character-driven, hardcore tactical stealth game set in the Wild West is wilder than it swaggers read in the history books. You can’t go in with a fully loaded six-man shooter and expect to live here, not, you need wit, skills and courage. That’s what the West is doing.

Wreckfest saves 60% from accidents.

If you like demolition derby games, where you can see car damage, chaos and breakdowns in real time, you’ll love Wreckfest. It can provide game-and-debbie options at time of multiplayer and single-player, a game that will fool you on the screen and scare you on a particularly annoying opponent. Come and destroy, and stay for physics.

SpellForce 3 ReForce Save 75 %.

Spellforce 3 and RPG are merged in to represent all the scenarios that you would expect from a fantasy epic and make you feel like one of the most powerful wizards of all time. Spellforce 3 Reforced has your own choice, whether you wish to fight alone or against them.

Give it to the hell! Save 75% of what they buy.

The remake of the 2005 classic is the best you remember, a whole lot more. While the 2020 version is still faithful to the classic version, few new changes have been added to allow it to attract new audiences. It’s completely out of this world.

Kingdom of America: Recalculation of 67 % savings.

Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning is a revival of the 2012 hit action RPG that was launched on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Re-reckoning has been remastered with improved visuals and refined gameplay, bringing on the original games promise: intense, customizable RPG combat in a massive game world.