Lelega Squad 51 against flying saucers

The New Shootem-up Squad of the year 1951 to the Flying Saucers, which is the first of the game and is coming this fall. Assemble Entertainment and Whispergames and the developer, Loomiarts bring us a crazy sci-fi airplane game. In that we will have the [] real world, there will be [] the game.

The new Shootem-up Squad 51 against The Flying Saucers set in 1950 where we must defend the earth from an alien invasion.

The video game Squad 51 against flying saucers will arrive this fall. Assemble Entertainment and Whispergames and the developer Loomiarts bring us a crazy sci-fi game. It will protect our dear planet Earth against alien invasion. It belongs to the classic video game genre Kill them, where we have to move to the right continuously, without ending at enemy ships. He has some curious scenes done by real actorsfor this they used the Brazilian film company Fehorama Movies.

Don’t miss the black and white filter typical of the American films from the 1950s, such that it’s inspired by it. The realistic elements that make up the character of the scene and the different scenes that are represented, immerse us in a pilots movie, typical of the second world war, and must fight against the strange dangers that invade the skies of the Earth. This isn’t a classic. 2D-Living, a different touch as to the first of the recent pictures.

A lot of other immigrants will arrive!

We must join the director of the division 51 of the Fight against vega company, Lieutenant Kaya, which was promoted to Captain Zarog. This alien society can come to the planet Earth with promises for a better life, a prosperous future for all. Soon, Zarogs plans will be carried out to protect the human race. That is when the rebel squad Squad 51 comes into action and will try to stop him. And there are many flying saucers that are waiting for us.

we will travel by 11 different types of scenarios in which planes, UFOs and ships will hinder us from passing. The first scenarios are forest, snow-capped mountains, cityscapes. We may also increase the power and power of our ship’s equipment, and add new products to our ship’s fleet.

In this innovation Kill them The possibility of playing it in the company could not be missed, a perfect genre to play together two players either in local cooperative or via the internet. Unlike classics such as 1943ohR-type, there is more emphasis on the narration, the user is a visual player from the 50s. the world of the video games has a great success with Destroy All Humans, with a wide success with Destroy All Humans.

The prologue is now on Steam for free. Squad 51 is the one who has the enemy flying saucers. This video game is going to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). It’s going to start in the fall 2022.