Luck Aint Big but First Step To Profit From Pixars Downfall is a good thing

What would you like me to tell you? I like animated movies. Even though they are clearly aimed at younger audiences (or for all the family in industry jargon), I enjoy them a lot if they are done right. Despite the disappointments of Lightyear and the repeated “Minions”, it was a lack of frank [boax].

What do you want me to tell you? I like animated films. And if they’re clearly aimed at a younger audience (or the whole family in industry jargon), I enjoy them generally. After the disappointment of Lightyear and the repeat of the umpteenth Minions movie, it was a tainted summer, yayo.

But this year, animation have a new rival: Apple TV+. Yes, his weapon is Luck, a movie produced by anyone else, John Lasseter, and performed by Skydance Studios. After watching that, I have mixed feelings, but they end up giving hope.

A production with a Spanish paternity is the dominant feature in the sequels and prequels.

Let’s read a little about it. In April 2020, Skydance Studios bought the studios from the Spanish company Ilion that works on Planet 51. The team that was responsible for animating Luck, just look at the vast number of Spanish names in the credits of the film.

The work is not bad, but it is not comparable to what’s seen in recent animated films. It’s important to note that in Skydance they didn’t have the resources they had in Pixar or Dreamworks, and this shows in the expressiveness of the characters (especially in the protagonist). As I repeat, this isn’t an ugly animated movie. Luck passes over these points, but the movie gets a better rating for it.

I say that because that story is more than just baskless jokes. The hand of John Lasseter can be seen in the production, in the situations, and in a certain characters (looking at the owner of the juice bar, this expression could be hardly more Pixar). The story structure and the progression make a very good impression. Luck, for instance, is an exceptionally good person.

If you’re a child and want something like Wall-E, I’m sorry for telling you that Luck does not enter that category. If you have children and want to watch the movie with them and get entertained, there’s an Apple TV bet, so great that you can’t be really good at anything more than what you see in other film studios – and which is much more expensive than what we saw in the other studios. And so, so long as it is, there are good surprises in an animated reality future for the Apple.