Mark Ruffalo’s story was written in the end while sinning the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Of course, Star Wars and the MCU are as well suited to decades of fandom and mythology. And more than that, they lookholdy to Disney.

Mark Ruffalo might have Ruffalod some feathers (I’m sorry) with his latest interview saying he’s a frightened person. The actor, who has played the Hulk and Bruce Banner for a decade, discussed the longevity of Marvel films. In an interview with Metro he stated that MCU fatigue isn’t something that I don’t worry about. I understand that these things go their route and then something else arrives. Even though Marvel has done well, it’s that, as with comic books, they let a director or a actor do their own, even if they really loved each other, to their own liking. Marvel generally lets them bring that to the material.

It’s not surprising that Ruffalo is cheering the company he employs, but many say that Marvel really allows its creators to lose their work. Although the movie stars Taika Waititi and James Gunn have inspired many of the directors, it is a house style, bringing out the movie that comes with, from the visuals and the effects to a vigorant, comedic tone. But Marvel hasn’t made its own creative boundaries, especially in films like WandaVision and Loki, which have larger risks in genre and storytelling than theatrical films.

Ruffalo eventually rejected Star Wars, saying that if you watch a Star Wars movie, you’re likely to get that same version of the movie once. It might have some humour. That could have a little different animation. But everything stays the same. But with Marvel you can have a completely different feel even within the Marvel Universe.

Both big brands are owned by Disney, but there are differences. Star Wars lacks a single leadership under someone like Marvels Kevin Feige, but in Star Wars there’s clear some sort of interconnected plan in the universe. However, as for the sameness, maybe Star Wars may stop in focusing their content on the Skywalker saga? Give us a story that isn’t set in Tatooine or at least give a story? The best Star Wars offerings of recent memory, namely The Mandalorian, are successful, because they bring up new and interesting characters and a diverse world. My favorite starships get old when they yoked in the storylines and continuity of the original trilogy.

Of course, the Star Wars and the MCU are swayed by decades of lore and mythology. And more importantly, they are beholden to the Disney-industrial complex. For some fans, comparing the two of them is comparable to comparing apples and oranges. And for others, it’s all fruit.

Do you agree with Ruffalos in the Star Wars and the Wartime story?

Movies (via Metro, featured image: Marvel Studios).